Monday, October 13, 2014

Costa Rica week 2 Oct 6-13th

Hello Hello My family, first off thank you for the emails! all of you! This week went well we did a lot of walking haha. Anyways I got a bed! It's pretty comfortable. They didn't have anymore closets to give me though so I am still living out of my suitcase for right now. My Spanish is still struggling, haha but I think its slowly getting better. "Meet the Mormons" came out, which is awesome. I have heard that missionaries in the states have been able to see it. We want it to come here so that we can use it as a missionary tool,  especially since there is a family from Costa Rica in it! 

Anyways so I was able to play soccer with all the Ticos and it was intense! haha but I really like it! I could't really understand what they all were saying to me, but in my first game when we arrived they put me in the game and somehow I scored a goal... so that was kind of cool! We were able to "Contact a bus" this week.  That is when you stand up in front of a bus and talk and then pass out your cards. It was pretty cool. I was able to go to a Chinese restaurant today.

 Anyways, we got a ton of rain this week. Imagine the rain in Rexburg x 2. The rain gutters are 2 to 3 feet deep on each side of the road in some places and they were overflowing with water. 

Elder Reed, Me, Elder Gomez

My comps and I--they are training me well!

They have the coolest trees here.

Gecko on side of house.

long loaf of bread

Pineapples here are huge and GOOD!

My humble casa!

The road we walk on to track


Map of our area, Esparza.

Friendly bug--type pf a millipeed

Yes--I got a bed.  Our room is very tight, but it is dry from the rain. :o)
Carrying my bed frame--the members are good to us

Oh yeah--most important!--- We are baptizing 5 of our investigators next Sunday so that will be a cool experience.   I was able to go to church for the first time for real here and it was awesome!  I was able to bare my testimony and tell everyone who I was in Spanish. The Church is very small here, but still feels just like any other church! The Sunday School room is the same room as the Kitchen and the same room that the baptismal font is in. I have also been able to eat a lot of really cool food here and meet some cool people. Oh..... and I just got a call and found out that today is no longer my P -day haha! The rest of my p-day is Wednesday..........I will to travel to San Jose tomorrow and get my fingerprints done and stuff so I can stay here for two years. So Adios for now! 

Elder Adams