Friday, December 26, 2014

Hello from lovely and warm Pital, Costa Rica!  !Feliz Navidad!
I hope you all had a wonderful fabulous Christmas and took a moment in praise and gratitude for the Savior and the real reason for the season.  This is a time of cheer and goodwill and I am so grateful that I get to share that goodness with the people of Costa Rica.  It was wonderful to talk with my family through skype.  It really went off without hardly any glitches.  haha! My Christmas was wonderful and thanks to everyone for gifts, cards, prayers and thoughts. My BIG news is that President Wilkinson announced that Costa Rica is being split into TWO MISSIONS!!!!! So as of July of 2015 we will have 2 general authorities come to Costa Rica and the current  250 missionaries will double to 500.  I along with all the other missionaries here will be issued a new mission call.  CRAZY huh???  It is soo exciting!  The work is moving forth and our numbers are increasing.  My gift to you at this Christmas time is my testimony.  I bore it in Spanish to my family on skype and my uncle Casey translated.  My testimony is:  I know this is the only true church.  I know that its principles will bring us closer to our Savior.  I know that God lives and loves each one of us.  I love my Savior.  I love the atonement and the ability to change. I love being a missionary and bringing peace and happiness to the people of Costa Rica. I am so happy here! I love you all!


Elder Caleb M. Adams

Thursday, December 25, 2014


So this week was awesome! I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Costa Rica Temple and it was beautiful inside and out.  I loved the opportunity to feel the great spirit there.  Before the temple we had a meeting/activity and we watched some videos of Christmas songs being sung and they brought the spirit really well. We even watched a video of David Archuleta singing in Spanish, Then President Wilkinson got up and talked and it was really good. He talked about Luke 2 and the Christmas story and the principles behind it. He then proceeded to tell us some really big news!  I will share the news  with you through skype. He then showed us some small gifts that had been made for us. A small key chain that says Costa Rica Mission and a Christmas ornament made for each missionary by one of the missionary's moms. Then we went and had a feast!!!! haha!!!! Well a lunch but,  there was a lot of delicious food and candy and it was awesome! Then I was able to check for my letters and packages and I want to say thank you for the letters and the packages.

---- I got a package from the family and one from grandma A and one small pouch package form Mrs. Case.  I also got your letters.  I do get letters but they are usually about a month late. Oh and thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the stockings! It made me super happy just to see the stocking and the fact that you gave my companion something was awesome as well actually that made me the happiest seeing that there was something for my companion.  :P
 Photos of beautiful Pital:

Love you tons and cant wait until Christmas!

Su Hijo Elder Adams

The below photos are a bunch from Esparza.  I love those people!  They are beautiful!

  Beautiful lighthouse

  This is when I went fishing.  This was my hand-made rod.  Amazing what a water bottle and fishing line can do. :P

  Elder Adams on the beach  :o)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hello!!!! I am in a different area with a different companion! Crazy huh? We had transfers  on Monday 12-8-14 and now I am in Pital, Costa Rica!  It’s so beautiful and my house is huge, because the house is also the chapel. The first few minutes I got to the house, the neighbor boy brought over a boa constrictor and placed it around my neck! CRAZY!  
                                         Me and the Boa Constrictor--how many                                                                                                      snakes do you see????

oh and hey I ate the fruit "Granadilla" and it was pretty good. Really sweet!

But really awesome haha I have been improving with the language. This area is a lot more open and a lot cooler weather wise. It reminds me more of Idaho; just a little bit. My new comps name is Elder Cordoba and he is from Honduras. He has 18 months in the mission, and I am excited to learn a lot from him. On Sunday we finally got some investigators to come to church in Esparza. It was awesome! We woke up super early and went and woke up some of our investigators and took them to church. I am sad that I left Esparza though; just when I was really getting to know the people.  It was a really good learning experience for me. I have realized though that my first area sometimes kind of felt to me like this example. A coal has to undergo a lot of pressure to become a diamond. I learned I ton from Elder Gomez. Right now I am kind of far away from the office like,  about 3 or 4 hours away so it will be a little more difficult to get my letters as often.

Now I just ask you to pray for the people here in Pital and pray that you guys can have missionary experiences in Blackfoot. I am excited to work here in this new area. I am pretty sure there are going to be baptisms in Esparza this month so I am kind of sad that I am going to miss those, but I know that this is where the Lord needs me to be and I know that I have been receiving the gift of tongues. I have been able to speak the Spanish language and some people say right off the bat that its gift of tongues when I tell them I only have two months here so that’s kind of cool. So thank you, thank you for your prayers. I can feel each one of them.  Thanks A bunch for everything and I will keep you updated in the coming week! :)

Con Amor Su Hijo Elder Adams

Below are some pics of me in Ezsparza:

   This is Benjamin(16) and his mom.  He was such a great freind and help you us in Esparza!  I true servant!

  Just a sample of our numbers

  These are palitos meaning "little stick".  They are a little like  cheetos that they have here.

  Elder Gomez and I had several opportunities to do some amazing hours of service while in Esparza!  I loved it!!!!

  I was able to meet up with 2 of the Elders from my MTC district, Elder Bullecer, and Elder Farnsworth on the day of transfers.  It is always good to see those you 1st trained with.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hello from Costa Rica!  I have not been able to update the blog lately due to some photo and mailing issues.  I did send a hand written letter home and so the following info is from there.   Anyways this week was good.  I finally found investigators by myself! (well with the help of the Lord).   My companion said its your turn\,so I will follow you.   Next we  walked a couple steps and walked right up to a door and said "Hey we're missionaries and we have a message about Christ. Well, I did talk with her for a bit, first about the area she lives in and mostly stuff like that. Then asked can we share a message about Christ with you?  I fully expected a no but she accepted!  Wow!  Now we have 3 new investigators! My LPE's have been getting a a lot better too.  These are the are like the street contacts.  One miracle we had was we were at a new investigators house saying Ulpe! Buenas!( over here there are no doorbells, so you don't knock, but just stand outside a persons home and yell Ulpe and then they come out.  Anyway there was no one was home but then the sister of the lafy who lived there passed by and saw us and said to us. "Oh hey you guys are the ones who helped my sister set up her Christmas tree and things like that, that is super cool. We are going to get together as a family and We would love for you to come!" So we went to her house and wow! They fed us and we laughed and talked and taught them and now we have 7 new investigators just from that one meeting! The Lord is amazing!  There are so many miracles happening here everyday! I love you all! 

This is a picture I drew for my little bro.  He is 8 and always sending me drawings, so I thought I would draw him one.  Look up the sciptures--they are excellent ones. 

Well here I am---With President and Sister Wilkinson.  They are very good to us.  This photo was taken during my first few days in the mission.

This is from the amazing 3  day zone conference that we had.  It was awesome!

We have been doing a lot of service for some non-members and it has been great.  One experience happened when we were doing service in the yard.  We were cutting the front lawn with a machette and gathering up the grass and throwing it away.  While doing this, we saw in a far off distance rain and storm clouds coming.  It was getting closer and closer towards us.  It was like a wall of rain coming our way and then just like 5-7 houses before it hit us, it stopped moving forward.  It just stopped and the rain stayed and my comp and I could see everyone getting wet, but we were not.  So we finished our service in the yard, said goodbye to the people and grabbed our umbrellas and left.  Then it started raining on us.  Amazing power that the Lord stilled the rain!

I have been eating lots of pineapples and bananas here.  The fruit is soo totally good!  Especially the pineapple!  Bien Rico!  I also have had horse and it is really good.  The milk here is always in boxes and does not have to be refrigerated.  People drink a lot of coca-cola here.  Sometimes I ask for water and all they have is coke.  The old time glass coke bottle that we consider antiques are super common here.  We have our big meal of the day at lunch time that our cocinera makes for us 5 days a week..  She is great and so good to us.  Well, until next time

I love you all!
Elder Caleb Adams