Sunday, July 26, 2015

20 Julio 2015---The work we do it soo important!

A 20 year old missionary serving in the Costa Rica San Jose East Mission passed away in his sleep Tuesday night July 16th from Asthma related causes. Elder Richard Cuevas was from Mexico and had been out for 6 months. Elder Cuevas was a well known in both the East & West Missions. He was an outstanding missionary & dearly loved by everyone.

This is a photo taken at the end of the memorial service/special Sunday meeting that we had for Elder Richard Cuevas on Sunday July 19th.  His family came form Mexico for it and it was a very special time.  (I am 5th in from the left, orange tie, next to Pres and Sister Hayes)

The following paragraph is in regards to his passing and the memorial service the mission held for him and his family.
 So Wednesday. . . . .President was supposed to be there for the Zone Meeting. But something happened he was running behind and so he could not  come. So we had the whole Zone Meeting and things went well. Then I said we were going to take a break of 10 mins. Then President arrived and said EVERYBODY back in the meeting I have an announcement. and I explained what we had done in the meeting and he said well this announcement is going to change the meeting up a bit. and then he announced that Elder Cuevas had passed away a few hours earlier. Everybody was hit pretty hard. I didn´t know him but man that affected President quite a bit. I talked to him and he is doing good.

Then we all said a prayer together and then President said well the time is back to you guys, the Zone leaders. Well, so I had everything planned to teach and man that was hard. Not hard, but different to have to be able to teach right after that announcement! But then on Sunday we had a beautiful service for him and his family was there. His mom talked and then finished everything and said Harrah for Israel!!! Man it was hard, but we all know that he is doing the same exact work on the other side.

Sister Hayes letter to all the missionary parents:
Dear Parents of our Missionaries,
Thank you for your prayers and concerns for the family of Elder Cuevas. We have felt the Lord's encompassing power of love, comfort, and peace this weekend as we've been together with Elder Cuevas' parents and these special missionaries. All is well. We will continue onward with faith! Thank you again for your prayers!

Well Changes happened. I am still here as ZL in the same area. it was cool though to be able to have some say in changes. who would be good to train. who would good leaders and things like that and the to be able to call each area and tell that they had changes and where they were going. Things here are do great though and I am loving the opportunities I have to get to know the missionaries on a different level and still get to teach too.

some changes are being made. We have been talking with the Assistants and it’s a possibility that they are to come work in our area as well. Basically divide the area and they would be there as well.

Well I love you all. Keep The Zone La Paz in your Prayers. Pray for them to meet their inspired goals! We need everything we can get to help us in August.

Take Care!

Elder Adams

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


One great experience this week,--- We always invite the people to read and pray and attend. Well I put a Baptismal date with a 15 year old and his family in the doorway because they said they were busy. ---That is something we do her, because there are no doorbells here, you just yell. Anyway, we left some pamphlets with them. When we returned two days later, we talked with the teenager for a sec and then he told us that he had a dream after the night that he read and prayed. He said he had a dream about his Baptism. He said usually when he wakes up, he is kind of grumpy, but he said that when he woke up from that dream, he had never felt so happy. We pulled out a picture of a baptism and asked him “ did it look something like this?” He said exactly!!!, with the same white clothes and everything! So that was a really cool miracle. I testified to him that that was an answer from God and that what he was feeling was the power of the Holy Ghost. I then invited him to write down that spiritual experience. So he is set to be baptized this coming month-- as soon as possible. Miracles happen!

Anyways life here is great. I did divisions with a different area. I went there to work with them in their area for a few days. We saw many miracles. We put some baptismal dates in doorways, and found a family that, that area is going to baptize in August.

Oh Yeah! Wow I almost forgot! This week I baptized 50 people!

But... it’s actually because we went to the temple with our converts! We got to go to the temple on Saturday with the new converts. We got there and the workers said that missionaries can’t do the baptizing because we are missionaries. It’s some rule, but then the Temple President came up to me and said “Elder Adams. I would like you to baptize your converts” And so I got to perform the baptisms for the Baptisms for the Dead for the members in Costa Rica in the Temple. Another miracle! It was pretty cool. The water was nice and warm.

-Su Amigo Elder Adams

 So this is Milton Marin Castro (Gaby Babb's brother) who is in the LDS documentary "Meet the Mormons".  Caleb went shopping with him on Monday and the Castro's live about 15 min form Caleb in San Pedro.  Another miracle to have 2 families from different parts of the world united.  :o)

  Guitar, Ukulele, and cake  :o)

My comp Elder Nunez giving a member a haircut!
1st baptism with President and Sister Hayes
The Hayes brought their daughter Lizzy with them for their mission in Costa Rica.
New members!!!  :o)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Loving Costa Rica!

So this is a map of my area that my new mission covers now.---
pretty well split down the middle.

We had a great meeting on Thursday with President Hayes and his Family, and then interviews with him. He really is awesome. 
Then that night we had a stake meeting with him and the stake President about how the wards are working in the missionary work.
Then on Friday I had another meeting with President Hayes about Leadership and we had to teach him what are the numbers meant and some other things and rules about the mission. then he taught us from the scriptures and it was really spiritual. Then on Saturday We had 3 baptisms and so we invited Pres Hayes and he showed up with his Family and it went great! there were 35 people there! it was a record attendance in the history of the baptisms there in along long time. and President enjoyed it.

Then we had another baptism on Sunday, and I talked with President Hayes on the phone and he is going to allow us to take a trip with our converts to the Temple on Saturday. So today isn't P day for us.
But I have really been able to get to know the new President in these past few days and he is really great.

The Zone is great. We finished with 6 baptisms this week. Well Investigators... We baptized a lot of them so we are working on finding more. But we have another baptism planned for the 18th of July. There are all good. From all types of problems that we are helping them with--- but the atonement heals all! It's just that incredible.
I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve a mission and to work with the new Pres. Hayes.

We are probably going to open two new areas in 2 weeks in the mission. there are 119 missionaries in the misison now.

Love you all! Elder Adams

Sample of fruit trees and honeycomb here.

Pres Wilkinson and I

This is the couple in Pital that we helped get married and then we were able to baptize them. They are already working on going to the temple in year. So very neat family~
Some plant life huh?

Ok, so most days we are on our feet all day, and it is only when we return to our place that we actually sist or lay down. As you can see, both took a minute to relax----or should I say "ponder"

Elder Farnsworth(MTC) and Elder Zepeda, and me

Elder Nunez, me and some of the sisters in our zone.

Pres announcement of who was in what mission---COSTA RICA EAST!!!

The missionaries in Costa Rica rock!
More great members and baptisms of the wonderful people here in Costa Rica. I love it here!

Friday, July 3, 2015


Well Hello there Family of mine!

Elder Adams

Costa Rica San José East Mission                                                   

I will be in the Costa Rica East Mission with President Hayes, and today (June 29, 2015) at 8:33 pm the 2 new presidents arrive and the second the wheels of the Plane touch the ground, they are the two new Presidents... and Two Missions!!!---and President W. no longer has the Keys. President 
and Sister Wilkinson and his family leave home for Utah on July 1st.  It is                                           an exciting time for the mission!

                                         This is the boundaries of my new mission.

This week was good. It was kind of busy with all of the meetings and things, but maybe that is just how things are going to be with my new assignment haha!, This week we have a meeting with the new president and the stake President as well, both on different days.

We were able to do Divisions with the Assistants., ---- And man what a great time! I went with Elder Sharp. He is from.... Idaho! He is from Boise. He is actually about to finish his mission. but we found a lot of new investigators and put a lot of dates.

I remembered about when Elder Alonso (of the seventy) came here and promised us that if we worked on getting references we would see miracles! So I bought a notebook and I went out on the 1st day and I had said a little prayer to help me fill that book. I asked a lot of people and that day, and we received 19 references and contacted 8 people. Well, I have started to fill that little notebook! I know that God always keeps his promises. Elder Alonso also promised us that if we did that we would be able to baptize for a week straight and be able to have to at least to 10 baptisms each month. I know the Lord has worked many mighty miracles through my companion and me and I am grateful for that and how those miracles have helped change my life

I know that Faith always comes before the miracle. We always have to be willing to act and then receive.
Well I love you all very much! Thanks for all your prayers and letters. I ask you all to please pray for my Zone La Paz. That we might be able to have sufficient faith to be able to see miracles. They are all such good missionaries and I know we can make a difference.
Well, I love it here! I love being a missionary!

Su Amigo Elder Adams

                                        Last Leadership Meeting with President Wilkinson

My Zone ==La Paz

                                                Reunited again with my MTC District!

Last photo of the San Jose Costa Rica Mission with President Wilkinson
(look for me sitting, 5th one on your left)