Sunday, May 29, 2016

23 Mayo 2016

This week was good. We had an awesome Group Night in the house of a member. The whole group night thing we started about 3 weeks ago. The 1st time, 11 people showed up and 1 investigator. The 2nd time, 14 people showed up and 3 investigators. Last Friday 19 people came with 6 investigators.

    In the Group Night it was great because the investigators went and we shared the message. We talked of testimony and we shared the scripture Matthew 7 with the man who built his house upon the rock. We then used the game Jenga, and each one would walk up and say a sin or something that they could take away from our testimony and then take they would a piece out of the game. We did that until it fell and we asked why did it fall and explained how it relates to our testimonies and the importance of attending church and other things. We finished by having Alonso, our investigator read Helaman 5:12 out loud and then we listened to a testimony from Jairo, He is the recent convert that was baptized in April and we also heard from Sister Blanca, our cook, Felix, another investigator also shared his testimony of how he has felted since he started receiving the gospel. It was a real great experience! :o)

Some of our recent investigators:

      Alonso is a body guard. He is the cool guy that will be baptized on the 4th of June. Felix and Gabriela are an awesome couple that we found my first week in Guapiles in April and took a while to start progressing but, have really felt the spirit and are really starting to change. After the marriage, they are set for baptism in June as well. Octavio is a nice guy from the Dominican Republic that is about 61yrs old. He was living in Guana Caste but just moved here. Real nice guy and interested in the gospel and likes church. Patricia is a cool investigator with a great testimony. We had a powerful lesson yesterday with them. We are just waiting on the marriage and then the baptism in July. We have some others that are coming to church but are on the slower side of progressing but also awesome people.

      We went to the Guatemala embassy last week for stuff with my companion. Things are good here. We heard there are some changes to some rules now in the dress and groom section on for missionaries. It affects the sisters and those serving in mosquito infested areas during the rainy season. It also shows examples of sunglasses we can use----who knows? Anyways have a great week!

Elder Caleb Adams

Beautiful day in Guapiles-----

Sunday, May 22, 2016

16 Mayo 2016---GREAT WEEK!

      My comp is Elder Gonzalez. Great Guy. He is 22 years old. and is from Guatemala. He is a convert. He was baptized 4 years ago and has got a great Testimony. His mom past away 5 years ago from a Stroke. And so he has been through a lot. He and his brother got their calls the same day and are both in the mission. His brother is in a different mission. He and his brother are the only members of the family.

      We were walking in the rain and there was a man walking towards us with his little umbrella and We felt impressed to talk to him so we did and he didn´t want anything but we asked him. Do you know anyone here in the area that is going through some hard times that we could visit? and he thought for a second and told us well actually yeah, there is a family that just lost their Father/Grandfather. So we got the direction and names from him. and we went and contacted the house well long story short. We found 5 new investigators and we talked of the Plan of Salvation and they accepted to keep hearing from us another day. Then, they gave us some references, and  then we asked them and we went and contacted them and it was a good day we went and contacted the references they gave us and those people accepted to hear us.

     We are teaching a guy. His name is Alonso.  Alonso is a reference from a member that is progressing well. But he just couldn´t seem to find an answer to these things. And so we went and explained real well how to recognize that answer and the spirit was strong and we promised him God would answer him. Side Note. He has been friends with a Mormon family for 15 years, and never has really had a desire to join the church. Anyways so we left him with some homework and the Moroni promise and then while asleep we received a message on our phone at about 11:30pm at night. it said something like this: ¨Elders! I feel like God has spoken with me! I feel something in my heart that the book of mormon is true! Is this God?¨ he continued, ¨I am real sorry for the time but I have never in my life felt this way.¨ so we replied that Yes it was is heavenly father speaking to him. So anyways he is going to be baptized on the 4th of June. :o)
    He is a bodyguard and carries a gun with him so it has been good to tell him that my dad is in the army and that members of the church can defend their rights and country. He works until 5am Sunday morning and then goes to church with us at 10am.  Great guy!

Well have a great week! Keep reading the scriptures!   I love you all!

Elder Caleb Adams

Look who found my phone and wants to talk with you????

Very interesting looking fellow!

Ward Activity---

Ward activity:
This is a pic with the people in baptismal clothes dressed as Angels. We did a ward activity , and they were our "choir of angels".  It was very nice.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 08, 2016--Happy Mother's Day!!!

Thanks mom! Happy Mother's Day!  Love you all too. And it was good skyping. It was great to see both grandmas and wish them happy mother's day as well.
It is crazy to think this is our last time skyping.  Time is just going by way to fast.  I get my new companion on Monday to train,  So excited to train another fresh missionary.   It is very different to not be "in the know" when it comes to changes and companionship.  I am ever grateful for the time I got to spend with Pres Hayes and learn soo much from him.  I too am loving being a trainer again and love to see these new missionaries come in and be ready and teachable.  I have a new found respect for the news as I have come full circle and have been there myself.
Thanks for everything. Have a great week!

Elder Caleb Adams

 Thanks to my cook, Hermana Blanca family for letting me use their computer and home to skype my family in Idaho---

 My familia back home----
what I looked like when I was skyping-----ha ha ha!

Zone Conference!!!

Watching and waiting for the changes of companionships-----
Meeting my new companion-------greatest moment ever! 

Here are the banana fields here. The bananas hang inside the blue bags to protect them from the bugs here that eat them.

2 May 2016

Hello !
Welcome to the jungle-----

So, Baptism went well on Saturday! There was a good amount that showed up.

On Friday, We started something called Noche de Grupo. or ¨Group Night¨ It went good. Only about 11 showed up in total but we are just starting to hopefully get the ward moving a bit and get them excited. It was spiritual and helped to get them excited about the baptism the following day.

We have found some good families. They are really listening in the lessons and doing their homework. They just struggle with coming to church like everyone else. but they are great. one is a family of 4(Norbell, Rocio, Brandon, and Cristal) and the other is just the husband and wife (felix and his wife)

Oh and Jairo is doing great. Awesome Convert. He is preparing to receive the Melchezedek Priesthood already. He should receive it in 2 weeks. :D

On Saturday we went and helped a brother out with his fences in his field. The cows had gotten out. so the experience I had with cows came in handy haha and we fixed the fences. I have come to the conclusion that Machetes here are like duct tape in the states. Literally it can be used for everything. A Knife, A hammer, A Shovel, A Lawn Mower, etc...

This Friday we have another Group Night planned. in the House of Hermana Blanca. That is where I will be skyping you so you will be able to say hi to her. We hope to see more people there. We have stake conference coming up this Saturday and Sunday. The Stake President was called to be a 70 and so they have to rearrange the Stake again. Then next Monday is changes. so I will let ya know what happens. Things are going well. We are working hard to help all. I love the district. Oh ya, We have got a Multi Zone Conference tomorrow as well. They asked me to talk but I am not really sure about what... anyways. haha

Love you all and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Elder Caleb Adams

Some of the wildlife here---


Here is the Baptism of Mary Paz. We invited Carlos, a member to do the baptism. He had not baptized since his mission 30 years ago. It was a cool experience. (sorry this picture will not turn right)

These pictures are of Guava. It is a fruit here. you suck the fruit off of the giant seed. very sweet!

The Guapiles District. With Elder Moss and Elder Muñoz included.

Last Monday, Here we all are eating breakfast in the mountain cabin of a member.

The road we travel------

Sunday, May 8, 2016

25 Abril 2016

On Saturday we had the baptism of Jairo. and then on Sunday he asked me, the bishop and the 1st counselor to confirm him. I also had the chance to give a talk in the sacrament meeting. It was a good day.

Well this week went well. We had a baptism on Saturday in La Rita. It went well. We had ask the missionaries that were in the chapel to fill up the font and they said they would and we arrived for the baptism and they were by the door and said the key never worked and they couldn't fill it... so it wasn't filled but the good thing is. is that its a new baptismal font! and so it filled up super fast! so every turned out okay. It was a great Baptism. As I said in the other email. He investigated the church for 2 years and then finally decided it was time and accepted a baptismal date and was baptized!

That same night we had a ward missionary activity. We had to make about 95 sandwiches because the elders quorum dropped out and couldn't bring refreshments so with the sisters we made a bunch of them haha.
On Wednesday, the district meeting went well. And then I went to Puerto Viejo, Sarapiqui. I did a few baptismal interviews. We had to take a small boat to cross the river to get to the house of the investigator! I was doing some baptismal interviews. To get there we had to take this boat. : D
I went to go do some baptismal interviews and in order to arrive we had to cross the river in this boat!

Over all this last week went well. We have a baptism this coming Saturday as well. We are working with a good guy named Felix, We have been teaching him but yesterday in the lesson something clicked and he looks pretty excited now. We are working with a few families. Norbell and Rocio and their kids, Brandon and Cristal. Pray for them. They are set to be baptized in June.

Over all this last week went well. We have a baptism this coming Saturday as well. We are working with a good guy named Felix, We have been teaching him but yesterday in the lesson something clicked and he looks pretty excited now. We are working with a few families. Norbell and Rocio and their kids, Brandon and Cristal. Pray for them. They are set to be baptized in June.

Today was a good day. We went up in the mountain to a place called Bella Vista. A member let us go to their house. They came and picked us up in the morning and took us to the house about a half an hour away in car. they fed us breakfast and lunch. We played Volleyball and behind his house is the jungle so we took his machete and hiked into the jungle haha it was just like Tarzan making our own way, cutting pathways and vines.

Tarzan-----ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! with machete and all !!!!! :o)

Some Tender mercies. Well We had a really good lesson with Norbell and his family. He really expressed his desire to become better. He expressed those feelings of sins that one carries and we were able to talk about the atonement and Isaiah 1:18 and how he can get rid of those feelings and it was a good spirit.

Have a great week!

Love you all--

Elder Adams

Guapiles Ward with the 2 elders from Pococci Ward

18 de Abril 2016

Yup I got the Package! Thanks! I got the ties, They are really awesome! I think they are the two nicest ones I have got. Thanks! And the candy and the scriptures. You are all awesome! That´s awesome about Hannah and how great she did. And way to go Jeb in your games! and Tayloranne that is awesome about French! It has quite a few similarities to Spanish because they both come from a Latin root.

Things have been good in these days. We have been working hard to get people to go to church and to get the members excited about the work. We have been going around challenging the members to make a list of all the people they know and then pray and choose a few people from that list. So this next week we are hoping to see a few miracles.

Best part of the week.... hmm I liked the whole week. I loved being able to go with the members and gain there confidence. This ward has so much potential.

Toughest part.... I got kind of sick but I am fine now. I have got this weird rash that I have had for a few days, that itches... all up my stomach BUT, don`t worry about it mom. ;o)

 My study desk-----

My companion is great. He just needs that excitement about the work! But he has got the desire and is obedient. He is young, but willing to work--- There are 8 in my district.

Today we went and finally bought curtains for our giant house----- so the neighbors can`t see us now.
Our apartment---we bought a blender   ;o)

Things here are well. We are working hard. I can say that much! We are working with the members as much as we can. The ward has got a bunch of potential. There are a lot of returned missionaries. This past week we spent some time of each day visiting the members with a short message and asking for references. We received 17 and have about 13 pending. that we have to contact. The success will come, Honestly right now I am shooting for long term success with my area. Although nobody here knows what that means..... They want it quick and want it now. Anywho ----I know from experience that working with the members is the most effective way. The area of Guapiles has baptized since January. We have a baptism this Saturday and next Saturday so we are pretty excited. Yesterday we sat down with the Stake Presidency counselors and planner a few things. Then we went out and talked with some members. We are going to start have a group Family home evening every Friday night in the house of a member. a different member each time and invite less actives and investigators. We have a bunch of activities planned in the ward. They will be pretty cool!

Anyways I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!

-Su Amigo Elder Adams

We have a parking space as part of paying for the apartment but sadly we don´t use it. So we decided to us it for once and we parked our form of transportation there. :)

There is a picture of hymn book. It is the hymn book of the Assistants. Elder Cude was the Assistant when I got there haha so the book has got some time already.

one pic is of me in a car with luggage. That is when President and Sister Hayes drove me to Guapiles. Things are little behind as far as pictures go haha