Thursday, October 23, 2014

Costa Rica week 3 Oct 12 --Oct 21, 2014

Hello family, Life here is good. Anyways, I am alive here and doing well. I was able to go to San Jose and I had my fingerprints done and give my information so I can stay here for a full two years. We then went to McDonald's and to the Mall to get some things.  
The traffic is crazy here!  The bus ride from San Jose to Esparza takes about 2 and a half hours. So we have to leave pretty early from San Jose.

I bought an umbrella finally!, and it is massive! But hey, it works great! 

 The mall was massive! There were so many places to eat! 

We went to a museum while in San Jose on our P-day.  It had some amazing paintings and lots of these giant wooden balls.

 Hey some good news: Two of our investigators are going to be baptized this Saturday!!!!!!! So that is soooooo exciting!!!!!!! 

You will have to look at the pictures to be able to get more info of my life here because sometimes its hard to describe. But we have gotten a lot of rain here, and that is an understatement!  The thunder is still very very loud! I am pretty sure my language is getting better, haha so that's good. 

Here comes the rain--------always and forever!

  Look at it pour off the rooftop by the mango tree! This is a daily occurrence here.  It sure does make everything soo green and beautiful though!

We don't have a branch in Esparza, so we have to go to Barranca every Sunday to go to Church.  There are only about 70 people total that are there. We had 6 of our investigators come this week alone, so that was awesome! I found out that next week for my P day I will be in San Jose again on Monday, because we have our monthly check up with the President. 

My area is small, so it is not on the map, but it is about 15 miles from the coast by the Parque Nacional Caraca  (to your left on the map).

Our lessons have been going well I have been able to start saying more and more in lessons. But one thing I have noticed while being here is that this area has so much more potential then it knows. A lot of times when I ask why we don't have Ward activities or do certain things like that. The answer I always get is "It's different here" That is a hard concept for me to swallow because I feel that it has to start some where... So I would like to see what we can to do here to better improve our communication with the members. 
This is where and how I study every day--not bad  :)

-Su Amigo Elder Adams