Thursday, May 21, 2015

Faith proceeds the miracle

My companion is great and I have a ton of things that I need to do better. We learn a lot from each other, so that's good. 

This week was good. We were able to go and see the movie "Meet the Mormons." It was a really good movie. It was very great to see the family in Costa Rica and recognize many of the places they showed in the film.

Best experience of the week:
One cool experience we had is One night we had put the goal to find 7 new people in one day. Well, we had kind of a busy day with a lot of lessons and an activity in the church. So, by the time 8 at night had come around we had reached almost all of our inspired goals, expect for the new investigators. I knew that inspired goals can't fail if we do all we can. So I said a few prayers in my heart. And everyone here goes to bed early, so at 8 pm there wasn't really anyone. We started walking the street and I looked at every house and payed attention to my feelings. We walked for quite a bit and I still had not felt anything, until I saw a small street branching off of the street we were on. I felt something and thought we should go contact that street. Well, before I could say "We need to contact that street", my companion asked me--"Hey have you ever contacted that tiny little street?" That was just another confirmation that we should go there. So we went into the little street and we walked to the end where the houses were and I talked to them all and Nothing......... Nothing. Maybe future investigators. So we started to leave, and when we were exiting the street, I saw a house and felt we should contact it. Well long story short----We found 5 new investigators there at 8:30 at night! And now they are starting to reading the Book of Mormon, and ended up coming to church with us this past Sunday!!! WOW, what miracles the Lord works when we just listen and follow!
I have learned how important it is to have the faith to put inspired goals and then to have the Faith to work for those goals. We must have the faith and then then work to back up that faith.

I hope that you have all already started the Family Garden! Its a commandment that comes with a lot of really great blessings! On P-day we were also able to help a member start a garden. We readied the ground by taking shovels and removing the rocks. We built her a garden for service. It was great fun!
Well life here is good and getting better.  I am healthy and loving the Mission.I love this area!

Con Amor Elder Adams

Friday, May 15, 2015

May 12,2015

WOW!!!! Great things are happening in Costa Rica! I can truly see the hand of the Lord and how he helps those who help themselves.
Companions: Elder Jose Zepeda (Honduras) and Elder Adams (Idaho)
Elder Zepeda and Elder Adams eating crab! Yummy!

This week went great I was able to go on Divisions with Elder Stewart our Zone leader and Man I learned a lot of really good things. He is a really good missionary. I learned about the importance of Faith and how we should always be able to see the evidence of our Faith through our actions.
Love you all!
Elder Adams

These two pictures are of our "homemade ping pong table".  My companion and I took 2 white boards that we have here and set them up on chairs and abracadabra----a ping pong table!  It is pretty legit!  We have had fun playing ping pong on our p-days.

This is pictures of church in Pital.  Priesthood:

 Room where we hold sacrament services.
This is a picture of a man juggling machetes.  He had 3 of them and was really good at it.
Very detailed wood carving of Christ's baptism by John the Baptist. 
Star fruit
                                                           Fruit here in Pital.
                                 This is  a Manzana de Agua, or water's amazing!

Here is a sampling of the animal life here---yes this is an armadillo. They are rather neat looking and fun to watch move.

   Look at this frog!  It  is even showing it's school spirit with
 Blackfoot Bronco colors--green and black!                                                                             PS:  this frog is very poisonous!

Love you all!
Elder Caleb Adams

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Hello ! It was great to talk with mi familia today on Mother's Day! I was able to Skype from a members's home and they had a headset which made it so very nice.We laughed and learned much from each other.  I appreciate how supportive they are of me.
Talking with my family :o)

My comp Elder Zepeda meeting my family and practicing his English. ---We were sharing the headset here :o)
     Up close and personal!
The work here in Pital is moving forth. I was excited to share with my family that all 250 missionaries here in Costa Rica have had there names submitted to Salt Lake and new mission calls will be issued on June 23rd. We are on fire her in the mission, teaching and preparing the people as we try to give Pres and Sister Wilkinson a great send off and a welcome hello to the new Mission Presidents as changes will occur in July. In the words Pres. Wilkinson--¡Dame èste Montè!, meaning "give me this mountain". It is a challenge to us as missionaries, meaning give us a mountain that we can overcome.
Love you all!

Elder Caleb M Adams :)

BAPTISM in a POOL! :o) May 3, 2015

Elder Zepeda and I at the Costa Rica Temple:
Things here are great. We had a baptism this week at 7am in the morning. It went really great! We planned a lot and the primary came and sang a song for our investigator, Denis, he was super excited and it was great to be able to see how much he has changed his life around. He was prepared to receive the missionaries before we got there. We baptized him in a plastic pool behind our house(the church). My companion baptized him and I had the opportunity to do the Confirmation. His whole family showed up as well as his neighbors so that was pretty cool, considering the baptism was so early.
Pics of the baptism:

Elder Zepeda and I with Denis--the newest member. Elder Zepeda preformed the baptism and Elder Adams performed the confirmation. It was a beautiful day and we had great support from the members.

Primary children in the background :o)
Pool is filled and ready to go!

This week we have a Zone Meeting and Then I have divisions with the Zone leaders. My companion is going to their area which is about 3 hours away in a bus and one of them is going to come here. So that should be a good experience. The mission is really pushing to have a lot of Baptisms this month so as a way to say goodbye to Pres. Wilkinson and open the new mission with a good start. We still have a bit before that all happens.
We still are a group here in my area. We are still working with the stake to have a branch here. We took some pictures on Sunday so that the leaders could see where we are having the classes so maybe that will help.

Well I have really loved my companion and the area I am in and we are looking forward to working hard and returning exhausted. I love you all and I am very excited to be able to talk to you all this coming Sunday. Prepare the questions now! haha

But hey thanks for finding the time to write to me! Love ya! Thanks for being so supportive =)

Love ya! Elder Adams

We did a lot of prep prior to the baptism:
This is us setting up the pool:

Making it sparkly clean!

Picture of flowers on the temple grounds:

See the bee on the flower?

Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy May Day

                            Elder Zepeda and Elder Adams
This is our district at a breakfast at President Wilkinson's home.  As always---great food and wonderful spirit felt.  My comp, Elder Jose Zepeda is to the left of me.  
                                     "Always keep the temple in your site"

Family we baptized on Easter Sunday.
This is the sweet mother and daughter that we baptized on Easter Sunday.  They are a very strong, amazing family.