Friday, June 26, 2015

San Antonio Area==22 Junio 2015

Things here are good the church is in San Antonio. My area is very small--just the towns  Linda Vista and Rio Azul is in my area. The church is right next to la escuela republica de panama.

Things here are good. Its a little bit more stressful having to be in charge of 19 other missionaries. But el poder del ayuno helps a lot.  I have been fasting and praying a lot and carrying around a book and whenever I think of something that can help me or the Zone I write it down. I have already seen some miracles from that and I hope that things keep getting better.   But we have seen a lot of miracles from fasting. Finding some chosen people that are going to be baptized in August. Putting baptismal dates in Door ways and things like that.I have been reading a lot about the stories in Alma 17-25 they are always great.
It is interesting to have a little bit of a different perspective of the mission now. To be able to talk with president more often now and see the results and importance of the zone and of the mission.
 This week is going to be busy! Monday (today) we have lunch with President. Tomorrow a mission conference. Wednesday a Zone Conference. Thursday I get my Residence to live here in Costa Rica finally. haha and Friday divisions with the assitants...

Well I love you all and will try to get some pics sent here in a little bit! thanks for everything!

Con Amor Su Querido Amigo Elder Adams

15 Junio 2015

Anyways this week we had 2 more Baptisms and a marriage. It was so stressful to plan a marriage. This week was good. I had a lot of good experiences. We were running around like crazy trying to prepare a marriage. and everything went well in the end for both it and we had two baptisms. They are really good people!!! I hope to be able to go with them in one year from now to watch them be sealed in the Temple.

I have a goal to baptize every weekend in July and then in August to have a baptism everyday for 7 days maybe for 15. So that should be good. It’s more than Possible----- :o)

Anyways We had an incredible,,,,incredible meeting with President on Friday! He is amazing. I was so blessed to be able to be there, because it was his last leadership meeting. His whole Family was there and we ate great!

He taught us how to be better leaders and then gave us a typed up paper of a ton of quotes from Prophets and explained that that was all that he had learned about leadership in his whole life up to that point and so wow I have a lot to study. He also shared with us some things that I would really like to share with you but he asked us to not to. I will let you know later.

He also explained how he had an interview with Elder Christofferson from the 12th and how he told him that Costa Rica has the best missionaries in the whole world haha! No really!

He then shared with us how from the moment President arrived he set his inspired goals and starting working but he said he was praying that the lord would said his best missionaries to Costa Rica to help him with the goals. Then he testified to us all that that is exactly what the Lord did. The spirit was very strong at that meeting.  Anyways it was a great meeting but I know that I have a ton to learn.
My house is really big and beautiful and the Chapel is incredible. We are pretty much  the neighbor’s to the Chapel.

Anyways things are good. I am excited to work hard and welcome in the new presidents in the coming weeks, Anyways have a great week! I love you all! Thanks for everything.

My comp is from El Salvador, Elder Nunez.

Look for San Antonio in La Paz—I am in a suburb of San Jose. This is my first time serving in the city, as the other tweo areas were rural areas,


-Su Amigo, Con Amor—

Elder Caleb Adams

Sunday, June 14, 2015

CHANGES------ 8 Junio 2015

Well this week was great. We worked hard to put a forth a lot of Baptismal dates with the investigators. I am excited for the month of June with all of these new changes coming up. The new mission and the new presidents of the two missions---President Wilkinson leaves July 1st.

Right now I am in La Loma of San Jose... I think haha I am not really sure. SOOOO--- Anyways, President called me during Lunch on Sunday and told me that I had Changes the following day(Today) But he didn't tell me where and then he asked me to be the Zone Leader of the Zone called La Paz. There are about 20 missionaries in that Zone. I am now in the area La Loma #1 and am Zone leader of La Paz. It’s right next to the Office. My new companion is Elder Nunez from El Salvador. He seems great.

 We saw some good things this week. We took a lot of time to look at every Registry that we had and put it into to a organized record to give to the group leader. It was like our Mona Lisa. It took a lot of time but afterward we had a lot of info that will be a good help in the future. There are over 100 members in Pital. So we want to work with them so we can have a ward in that area. :o)

Well things here are going great. I know I still have a ton to learn but I feel like the time is just flying by. I had an amazing time in Pital and will never forget the humble members there.

Well Have a great week and thanks for all the great emails! Love you all

Elder Caleb Adams

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Happy June---- 6 months in Pital

Baptism of Elido and Vanessa. We also baptized them in the pool we have behind the church and then they were confirmed a week later in sacrament meeting.

We had two Baptisms last week. The Baptisms of Elido and Vanessa. They went really great! We baptized them out back in the Pool. We confirmed them on Sunday.

I have decided that I really love Alma Chapter 17 and 18. 17 is really great because it deals alot with what I do on a day to day basis. I like how those missionaries shared how they would fast and pray to be able to have a portion of his spirit to be with them. That has helped me realize that I need to humble myself and always try to have that portion as well to be able to help others.

Anyways, I studied the Old Testament and wow! Just the 1st five chapters alone took a total of about 3 hours to study because there is sooo much doctrine. I loved it though!

Well, now I am studying in Juan and Doctrine and Covenants and Moses. They are all really good.

Soooooo so Many things that I am thankful for that I wasn’t before I came on my mission starting with my Mother...... haha! But really I didn't appreciate you enough when I was home. And a ton of other things. Just to name a few===Church leadership. Good Housing. Bug repellent. Scriptures on the smart phone is a really great tool. The gospel of Jesus Christ. The Scriptures. Living Prophets.. Almost Everything.....! But, being here in Costa Rica has really put some things into perspective. The culture here in my area is a little different. I have been studying D & C 88 and that kind of helps put things into perspective as well.
But things here are good. I had a really good interview with President Wilkinson on Wednesday. It went really well. He is a great President and will be missed greatly.

Well, I need to go now, but this week was a good one and I hope to work hard in this coming week. So changes are next week and since I have been here nearly 6 months, I am pretty positive this will be my last week in Pital. I am almost positive that they are going to make the branch right after I leave. They will probably do it when they divide the mission and send two more missionaries to my area. That will mean there will probably be 4 missionaries in the area of Pital. That will be amazing! And, Wow what a blessing if that happens! I love this area!

Well, have a great week!
Love you all!

Elder Caleb Adams

This is what a corn field looks like here. Things grow well here due to the heavy moisture and humidity.

Here are some pictures of the area and countryside here in Pital:

Gas station here

Sample of houses
Notice the car parked inside the gates.
Notice the art work on this house!