Friday, August 28, 2015


All of the Converts/Baptisms that I have had in my time here in this area. All of them at church and happy! It was a fabulous Sabbath day!

Hey!. This week went really well. We had a lot of things that happen. On Thursday,  I completed a year with having 2 Baptisms and President showed up and there were more than 50 people in the Baptismal Service! It was really great. Then, on Saturday we organized the zone and went and ate Breakfast together at McDonalds. Then Afterward we went to the Stake center to watch a Conference from President Nelson given to the Mission in Central America. It wouldn't work so I had to make a lot of calls but, luckily we were able to hear from Pres. Nelson. So it was great. Then later that day we went and prepared the chapel for the movie "The Testament"! We then had 5 more baptisms and then took them all and went and watched "The Testaments". It all went really great. Then Sunday, well Sunday is always great!!! So on Sunday night we had a Family home evening at the house of a recent convert with our investigators. Man they are so great! We have been working with them a lot--- Rosario and Luis and Mamfred. Rosario and Luis are going to get married on the 5th and then the 3 will be baptized. The Bishop has been working with them and has been happy. 

Oh! and also on Saturday we had one of our recent converts who by the way was the champion of Costa Rica for Kung Fu twice! We did an activity in the church. It was a stake activity and his trainer showed up as well. His Trainer won the Kung Fu World Championship in Japan! Crazy! haha They are awesome!  ;o)
"And is was King Fu Fighting . . . "

Life has been good. The Lord has been working hard here in this ward and I am just happy that I have been able to see it.We are working hard in the zone to be able to reach our goals.  Have a great week!

 Love you all very much!
Elder Adams

This is President, Sister Hayes and their daughter Lizzie with our new convert.

I have really come to love the Companionship I am in now. I have really been trying to have more faith and recognize the Spirit more so I asked for a blessing from my Comp and then I gave him one to help him learn English.   He has been doing great!  Next week we will have changes. My comp for my one year mark wrote me a letter and gave a new CTR ring. So I was really happy for that.  He is just such a great guy!   :o)

Missionaries and baptisms---greatest thing ever!  :o)

Elder Nunez, Eduardo, our new baptism, and me---just doing what missionaries do!  :o)

This is us singing at the baptism!  ;o)

The baptism room was packed!!!! So great to have soo many members and investigators in one place.

Look who is trying on my backpack??? Training them young  :o)
Hanging out with the best members ever----here in Costa Rica  :o)
Eating McDonald's---Costa Rica style  ;o)
We went as a zone to McDonald's on Saturday morning.  It was great!  Feeling very blessed  to be serving with such fine missionaries!

          Cool Dome made of recycled 50 gallon Buckets!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

365 days as a missionary!!! :o)

This week went well! We had a few crazy experiences----;o)  ha ha ha----We also had some major awesome experiences too! We found and prayed with a family of about 20 to 25 people. We also found a family of 6 and put some baptism dates with them. and we are going to baptize 3 this Thursday the 20th. and then we are going to have another activity on the 22nd and show a movie. The testaments! on the 22 as well in the morning we have a special broadcast for the missions here in Central America from Pres. Nelson of the 12.

Let me share something about agency. Agency is the one thing that all missionaries and sons and daughters of god have to learn as it teaches in 1 Cor chapter 13. I like verse 3. The Lord owns EVERYTHING even the body that you have, except.....except for your agency. That is the only thing we have to offer him. And when we put our agency in the hands of man. The Natural Man can be achieved. But when we put our agency in the hands of our god. The Potential of a God can be achieved. If we learn that principle then, we will be alright.

Love you all have a great week!

Elder Adams!

Behind our House there are tennis Courts, and well they let me use a special racquet -------haha and take some pictures.  Makes for a great story!

Check out what this little boys shirt says!!!  Gotta love it when you find my name in this beautiful place  :o)

Well here is the only kind of kiss I will get from a lady  :o)

The  zone!!!!  Here we are at the temple in San Jose.
These are some of the finest. hard working  people I know.  On the front row, from left to right  is Lizzie (Pres daughter), Sister Laura Hayes, President Randy Hayes, and President Duncan.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 10, 2015

Hey Family of Mine!

My Feet are well. I went in again and they said they looked good haha they had to trim one up a bit again, but yeah I think they are good.   I went running again this morning for the first time in a bit so that's good.
 I am grateful for those 11 people that were baptized and entered into the waters.

We had a really busy week this week! On Wednesday, we had a meeting with President Duncan and it went really great! It was about 8 hours long and we ate lunch with him as well. He taught many, many things. One thing I like is that instead of calling it the Area Book he changed the name to the Faith Book. Carpeta de fe. He also  asked us as well what the spirit had taught us from what he had said and what we would do to change.
Thursday--Elder Núñez´s year mark was cool. We had a Baptism and the meeting with the Stake Presidency about the Missionary work with the missionaries in our Zone. We had the Baptism of Kevin! It was Awesome!!!!! We have been working a lot with the Converts. and the man we baptized in July (Jose Angél) baptized Kevin and did great! Then we had the meeting with the Stake.
Friday was awesome we went and slept at the house of the Secretaries on Thursday night and on Friday woke up super early and drove to Heredia where we had a meeting in that Chapel with President Duncan and he taught us a lot of good things of how to be a leader.
Anyways all around really good week!

Love you all!
Elder Adams

Baptism of Kevin (in the middle).  Jose Angel, a newer convert himself baptized him.
Beautiful Sunrise in San Jose!
Selfies at the Temple!  :o)  Say cheese!  Love, Love Love this mission!  :o)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

3 August 2015


Well things here are going good.  One cool experience this week---- ! We are going to have two Baptisms in August one on the 6th( when Elder Núñez reaches a year) and one on the 20th(my year mark) And the two Baptisms are really excited! It will be a great experience!

A Returned Missionary came to visit the ward on Sunday! He served here 25 years ago and testified how  incredibly the church has grown here.  He shared his Testimony and his Family was there too. He is now the Bishop of the a Nauvoo Ward and is in charge of taking care of Joseph Smiths House in Nauvoo.  How cool is that?
Time is literally flying by! I can't believe we are already in August!
 I am working on trying to recognize the Spirit better. To be able, to receive revelation for the Zone and fulfill my responsibilities.
This is Elder Nunez, myself and Elder Nelson, our secretary.  He is an awesome missionary.

Our investigator-- #1 (we will call him). Really Great 15yr old kid. He is the one that  received his answer in a dream. He is going to be baptized the 6th of August.

Investigator #2 Really Great Guy, He is going to be baptized the 20th. Wow---I am amazed that the great strength and power our investigators have.
Investigator #3 Well, She wants to be baptized but, doesn't understand marriage.... She reminds a lot of the story from "Meet the Mormons",  We are working with her to be able to understand that great law of marriage and the the law of chastity and their importance so that she can be baptized.

On Tuesday, we went and were able to watch the Dancers from BYU Idaho. Wow! It was Great! They did a great job.  You all would have liked it. We had 3 investigators there with us and they loved it too. A lot of them knew Blackfoot.
Here we are with some of the BYU-I dancers.

Well I love you all very much, This week will be good we have a meeting on WED, with Pres Duncan from the 70 the Pres of Central America, and then a baptism on Thursday and then a meeting with the Stake President that night and then a meeting with Pres in the Chapel behind the Temple. That should be cool.  We are excited. Thanks for the Great Support!

Con Amor Elder Adams

I had two ingrown toenails... :( I had them taken out finally this last Wednesday.  I am healing well.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

"Meet the Mormons" success activity

The Zone of La Paz

Hey so we had a good week this week. We had a Stake conference meeting on Sunday and they officially divided the Stakes! they made 3 new stakes in Costa Rica and that is incredible. We heard from Mission President and his wife and President Duncan and The President of the Temple.
We have some really great converts here. They are helping us all out in the work. Just as talked about in the scriptures that that is the way that Ammon and his brothers started to have success. The Baptism weren't just baptisms but they are a way to help us to be able to baptize more. more tools in the hands of the Lord.

Some of our teaching this week was during giving the service of haircuts.  Here we are, Elder Nunez and myself giving haircuts to some investigators  :o)

Ready, Set, Cut!!!  Me with my new little buddy!

Thank You! ¡Gracias!
Our "Meet the Mormons" activity was a success!

We had an incredible activity in the ward with the movie that you sent to us. We had over 50 show up and we found 9 news from showing Meet the Mormons in our ward.

I made Flyers and we put them in Buses
and made cards and we had more than 50 people there and it was great! we
found 9 new investigators for that Activity and we ate Pizza afterward! I think
hat I was able to plan the activity because of my work and experience in the
Family history Program before.

We had a table with pamphlets and books and a paper to
put references down. It was awesome! then We gifted a tie to the bishop and the ward
mission Leader that we had bought for them.

Photos of our great "video" event/ activity:

Thanks very much for always supporting me! Love ya a ton!
I love you all!

Elder Caleb M. Adams