Saturday, October 31, 2015

26 de Octubre 2015‏ Week 1 in Tres Rios :o) Happy All Hallows Eve!

Letters to home ----

My art work had some help from Elder Maldanando :o)

Things here have been pretty busy! On Monday we had a meeting with President and then did some things in the Office. and then went out and worked and then on Tuesday to get my Drivers License and I waited in Line for 2 hours.... and then told me my license wasn't valid... haha so On Wednesday I had to set up an appointment with the US Embassy and I went in and got the License Notarized early in the morn. Thursday we had 2 baptisms and worked in the area. They went well! on Friday we got ready and headed out in the morning and took a bus at 12pm and got to Ciudad Neily at about 6:15pm. (see the picture of the bus) It was good it was hot down there, Wow I would love to work there! There are 8 elders and 2 sisters down in La Zona Sur. but it has got some serious Potential. President Hayes is focused in making it a stake in his time here. I went and did divisions with the Elders and then we slept in the Zone Leaders house and the Next day we went with President to Rio Claro where we had a Zone Conference. It went really great and we learned some great things and Practiced. I learned a lot. then we had to head back out at 2pm to take the bus and we got home at 9pm. Then on Sunday we did divisions with some members and worked hard. it was a good week! There is a lot of work outside of the area which is kind of sad. I love working with the people in the area. But this coming week we have some big meetings with all the Zones on Thursday we are going to Guapiles and then on Friday Limon. for Zone Conferences. 
                         Elder Macias (Mexico) and I with Michelle and Brittani at their baptisms.

President shared with us about Mosiah 1-5. What a great set of chapters! Its when The King Benjamin is talking to the Righteous people of Zarahemla. Sometimes we read that and think wow. He is calling them to repentance because they were terrible people. But there in the scriptures it says that they were Righteous. They were great. But can always do better. Line upon Line. We shouldnt ever get to the point where we say. Well this is good I think I will just Coast from here on out. President explained it like a ladder. That We just keep climbing up the ladder. We dont know when we will reach the end but it wont be in this life!

Anyways Thanks for all the Support! Take Care!

Amor Su Amigo--

Elder Caleb M. Adams

A rope bridge down in Ciudad Neily that moves quite a bit while walking on it!

We took a trip down to Ciudad Neily close to Panama and to get there we took a bus that was going to Panama and then got off on the Highway and walked to the City

Man playing a harp in street-----beautiful music :o)

Street Vendors

Monday, October 26, 2015

TRES RIOS!!! 19 Oct 2015 HERE AM I!!

Well, I had changes to a new area! and a new assignment! I am now in Tres Rios Cartago and My companion is Elder Macias from Mexico.

Things are good! I went to the office on Wednesday, not knowing where I would go, and found out that President Hayes would like me to be his new Assistant. So that was a surprise! I have a lot to learn. From that moment on, my Life just got busier! We had to go drop the missionaries off at the airport the next day at like 4 am and then we had to go to a few Zone Conf. We have a mission tour coming up in two weeks. I will be going to the Zona Sur Area by Panama with President on Friday and Saturday and teaching the Zone Down there. I hear its very hot there.
Today I get permission to return back to my old area for a short time to see the Baptism of Marvin (the fellow with the tracheotomy) and then on Thursday we have 2 more Baptisms.
Getting to know the area is always kind of different. But, it's good too. I really like the area. It literally has everything in it--- Walmart, Price Smart, and many other things!

Anywho-- things are great! We worked hard and had 11 new investigators at church on Sunday. President Hayes is really great and I am excited to work with him and by his side. He said he wants to give many the opportunity to serve and have leadership responsibilities. Tomorrow I have to go and get my Costa Rican Drivers License.---sweet! :o)

PS-- I love my new Companion. I have a lot of great things to learn from him. I love the new area. It looks like its got some great Potential. I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve by President Hayes side. I pray that I will be able to help you to reach what you see in the mission and receive revelation to help in the work of the Lord.

Love ya all! Elder Adams

Myself, Elder Nunez and two great sisters form my zone.

Lots and lots of things to buy!They are getting ready for Christmas here with trains, snowmen, Santa Claus and everything  :o)

The hardest part about changes is the people you leave behind---This is just a sample of the wonderful people I have met and associated with while here in the San Antiono, La Loma Area.

                          My fruit is happy to see me!
Waiting for the bus in the rain  :o)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

CHANGES----"I'll go where you want me to go"

Well I had Changes! I will no longer be in the La Loma! I don't know where I am going, and will find out on Wed, 10-14-15, haha but I had changes.

Hey This week was good! I did divisions with San Miguel 1 and was able to work with Elder Meija in my area. It was great we learned a lot of things. I also got a call from an investigator that needed a blessing because he had several seizures and was in the hospital. and had some heart attacks. Well Anyways, That day we also had some Baptismal interviews to do. So I went with a Priest with permission of President who is serving a mini mission and we went to San Jose. It was pretty crazy. We got there but didn't have the special card to enter. so I had to ask permission from president and my Comp mini missionary went in to the hospital past the guards to get a paper signed while I waited outside. Anyways, I felt like I was in the 80s, so many sick people bustling around. When we got to the room I gave the man a blessing but its not like in the States. The room aren't private. There are about 8-10 people in the room. so everybody got quite and I gave the blessing. It went well he was lying in the hospital bed. and couldn't walk very well. Well the next day in the Stake Conference guess who showed up walking to church with his wife, that same investigator. It was a great experience.  I know the power of blessings is very  real.

Well as a Zone we have 12 in the month and the goal is 13 so this month we are positive that we will reach the goal.

We had a Baptism on Saturday. His name is Jamal. He is a really great kid!

Well as a Zone we finished with 10 baptisms last month. But this week in the Zone we had 11 baptisms. and have 12 in the month so I know that finally the Zone will reach the goal of 13 that we put. But I wont be able to see it But I am happy for them all.

Well Thanks for all the Support!  I give thanks to God for the things I have learned in my great area with a great Companion.

Love ya all Elder Adams

Downtown San Jose

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 5, 2015---Great General Conference!!!!

Thanks for the Email, Life is good and all. I loved General Conference it was really Great. I want to memorize more scriptures. I think that will help. 
Well the Special baptisms didn't go through, the man had an anxiety attack before and couldn't go through with it and then got the flu and really wanted to be baptized but couldn't be. Please pray for him, his name is Marvin,

Well the Temple was Amazing! I will be sending a written letter home soon that has more things. I loved the Temple though it was great. We rented a mini bus for the Zone and we all went together. Before the Temple, we got together in the Chapel and sang a little bit and President Hayes was there and told us some things and then he went with us into the Temple.

The Leadership meeting was great as well! I learned a lot of great things that will help me as a Father.
The Zone is Looking better. Success is Rising. Happiness is Rising. We have been organizing meetings with the District Leaders to have a better relationship with them to help lift the Zone all together.

We had a meeting with the Stake President and President Hayes and that went great. I am surprised by the love and the example he shows to us by the way he treats his wife. By opening the door for her always etc.
                                                    ----- Pres Randy Hayes and myself-----

Well I love you all and this Saturday we have a Baptisms of an 11 year old. His name is Jamal.  He is really great and his mom was less active before, but now has returned and is going to church. She hadn't been in like 10 years.

Love you all--

 Elder Adams

    Missionary family road trip!!!!---Literally!  On our way to the temple  :o)

              La Loma Zone prior to going to the temple on Wed.

                                Missionaries planning out the week at our leadership meeting.

(left to right) Elder Nelson, Elder Hansen, and myself.   Great, great missionaries!

This a picture of me wearing a very "cool" tie that some members gave to Elder Maldonado as a gift.  He is  here in my zone and he let me try it on for size.  Try to miss me coming in the dark!  ha ha ha! :o)    

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Walking amongst angels :o)

Today isn't our P- day because we are headed to the Temple on Wednesday! Wahoo! I am so excited! because the Temple is like a school and we have the promise that we will always see the plan of God a little bit clearer after we go to the Temple.
 A Great Sister cleaned my White Shirts out of Love for the Missionaries to be able to go to the Temple nice and Clean! haha 

Every day this week we have plans! and meetings! Leadership meetings and more meetings with the Stake President- _ This Saturday an area in our Zone, well in our ward actually, is going to have a very very special baptism. The convert has a whole in his throat and is sick, but has been receiving the Missionaries. He really wants to be baptized, so we have to heat  up the water and prepare it,  and we are happy to do it. 

On Saturday, we decided to do a family home evening with the people in our area because the area is about 45 mins by foot from the Chapel. So on Saturday we had a group full of people 25 people of investigators, less actives and recent converts. We made some plans this week to make a branch and a future ward in our Area. President knows about it and the ward and stake as well.   We  will have a meeting with them  on Friday to see what we will do with the ward. But . . ., we know that the Lord wants a Stake from that ward and in order to do it we need 1000 baptisms..... and you bet its possible! So we are making big plans so that the ward can have 1000 baptisms. The Lord needs stakes to prepare for the Second Coming.  The work we do is so very important!  I love it!

Thanks for everything I love you all!
Su Amigo con amor--

Elder Adams

 There was a parade in front of the house last week for the Costa Rica Independence Day on the Sept.15th!
The gum here has a great name also  :o)