Wednesday, August 3, 2016

1 Agosto 2016--- mi último--my finale

Hello family!
These past two years have been great. There are not words to describe it. I have had to share my last testimony with the missionaries in some conferences and as I have said to them. I have felt ¨too blessed¨ haha or very very blessed by the Lord.

The time has gone by quick. It is a feeling that is hard to describe. I am not sure if it has really registered in my mind yet. But I know everything will be just fine. I have been forever changed by my mission and will never forget some of the beautiful experiences that the Lord has allowed me to have.

We had a great Monday last week. We went with the Bishop and went on a hike with his family. And took some pics. I went on some divisions and then on Saturday we had Ricardo´s baptism. Great baptism. at 8am in the morning but a real great one. We had the bishop baptize Ricardo and it was really good. We had a lot of goodbyes to say and took a lot of pictures. On Sunday, Ricardo was confirmed and the spirit was real good there. We had some great investigators that went to church. Ricardo's parents are really great. I will really miss them They are awesome and progressing. Elder Gonzalez was a great companion. We had some great times together. I gave a talk on Sunday.... haha it went great. My topic was How to serve putting aside our temporal conditions? well..... I shared a small story about two pepper plants... that you are familiar with. And I also shared the scripture D and C 84:80 . What an interesting end right haha,

Right now I am in Zona La Paz!!!! Ush... haha I am with Elder Nuñez. We have a small activity in La Loma chapel tonight. A small goodbye party. the converts and members and the bishop will be there.
Tomorrow, I will go to San Jose and buy some small souvenirs. and then at night I have the last dinner with President Hayes. on Wednesday I have my last interview with President and then Wednesday night we will go to the Temple for the last time :( and then on Thursday---- well the long trip home.

I love you all! And will see you all soon!

Con Mucho Cariño,

Elder Caleb M. Adams

Thank you all for the great support for these past two years!

 Well----it is my turn.  I placed my mark on Costa Rica, literally!  This is me placing my hand print on the special quilt that  Sister Hayes made.  It hangs in their home here and each missionary from the time they have served here-- since July 2015, to now and ongoing, places their handprint in paint and then puts it on the quilt, and signs their name.
                                          It reads " We are the Lord's hands"
 President and Sister Randy Hayes-----a truly humble and kind couple
 Me with Elder Barben( Sandy, Utah)---yep the missionary we met at Sizzler prior to going to the MTC.  Pretty great that we met each other at the start of our mission and get to close it together.

 Special dinner for the leaving elders and sisters----
 left to right--me, Elder Farnsworth and Elder Nunez---we all leave on Thursday.
Words of wisdom form President Hayes---