Thursday, July 28, 2016

25 Julio 2016

¡Hola a todos desde la hermosa tierra de Costa Rica!

The Ward activity was a success! It went really great a lot of planning and running around haha but all of the ward participated. about 85 showed up. Which is good compared to the Sunday attendance of 110. It was the Iron rod activity. We had the iron Rod run throughout the whole chapel and then the Sacrament hall was the finishing part. we had the projector up with the Tree of Life and the Bishop dressed in white as the angel and the apples representing the fruit. We gave out 23 Books of Mormon to some. And then we made sandwiches for all.

So Saturday morning... Great beautiful day... We went to the Chapel and set everything up. The car with the speakers was driving around announcing. We had invited the whole world and we were excited. Well we went and made the Sandwiches and while making them sure enough here came the Rain Clouds. And when it rains in Guapiles... It rains!!!!!.... haha People don´t go outside of the house if it´s raining. We thought ¨¡No puede ser!¨ We earnestly prayed in our hearts that it would all work out. And then rain slowly went away and we thought, wow perfect. We are safe this will be good. We went and invited others to go. and then the rain returned. Trusting in the Lords will although a little discouraged we thought," Why would it rain like this"... We have worked so hard for this day.------ Anyways, We were on our way to the Chapel to arrive an hour early to the activity to make sure the temptationsfor the Iron Rod  would be ready. We decided to stop by the house and kneel down in Prayer. We offered a prayer to our Heavenly Father, expressing our desires to help the kingdom grow in this special place of the earth,  and we got up and went to work. After the prayer a peace came over us. I won´t say the rain immediately stopped. But we had a peace that came over us in knowing that everything would be okay. Well the rain didn´t stop... haha and you might think well what is the purpose of this little story...   Well, I have learned in the mission that when we pray... We pray to know the Lord´s will------ Not to change it. The Activity turned out just great and by the time came around for the part outside it wasn´t raining anymore. :o)  But how oft in our lives do we have this rainstorms and we want them to be taken away. Sometimes the Lord doesn´t take them away and sometimes he does. But I testify of the Consoling power of Prayer! It is real!  I testify that we can find peace through our trials if we seek to know the Lords will and do all we can and leave the rest in his hands.

Sunday, I received permission to take a bus and go to San Jose and meet up with Elder Barben( the one I met at Sizzlers prior to the MTC) and then I went with him to Tres Rios. The members there had a nice little going away party for us. I saw the Bishop and his family-- The Patriarch--The Elders Quorum and many other loved members. Then I stayed the night there and this morning went and said goodbye to others. I will be sure to send pics later.

We are going to have a baptism my last Saturday in Guapiles. His name is Ricardo. He and his family are awesome and have been going to church with us. They were contacts in the street. the date was always for this Saturday but due to some challenges the parents are going to wait a bit but they are going to keep going to church and support Ricardo. he will be 12 yrs old.
I was assigned a 20min talk for this next Sunday in Guapiles.... haha

Good News President Hayes is coming back this week... Just in time.---Oh how I love this man!Thanks to each and all of you for your loving support of me over these last 2 years. I have felt your prayers and appreciated all the thoughts you have issued on my behalf.
Well I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!

Elder Caleb Adams