Sunday, November 2, 2014

First off, thank you thank you thank you for all the emails!  They are helping me a ton.

Please tell everyone to request the movie Meet the Mormons to come here to Costa Rica. with the zip code 10105  Thanks!    You should all request the film to come to Costa Rica! please!

We had two baptisms on Saturday! It was awesome it went great! I felt super happy for them. We had a good attendance of people show up too. We are blessed that the branch has a baptismal font. 

 We had the opportunity to prepare the font for the baptisms.  What a great experience.

The baptisms were  great!; one of the members baptized them. I felt super happy for them. 

Life here is good, I am learning the language. I am able to answer questions more and communicate with the members a little bit better. 
So today, we had Changes or Transfers today. So I was with Elder Reed from Montana and Elder Gomez from El Salvador. But, now Elder Reed (who was fluent in both languages) has left and Elder Gomez is learning English, So my Spanish is going to have to get a lot better. :o)
 It is soo beautiful and green here.  I love it!

What have I learned as a new missionary? - Well a mission is... Fun and Hard, Stressful and exciting, exhausting and full of new things I has its ups and downs. But I love it! The purpose as a missionary is to INVITE and HELP. As missionaries, we are here to Invite people to find out for themselves! We as missionaries can only teach people the knowledge, facts, and the evidence that this gospel is true. But in order for them to truly know, they have to pray and be taught by the spirit. They have to have a desire to find out for themselves. And we are here to help others. Help others get through their trials... Help others carry their heavy bags... Help others receive answers to their questions... But all these things should invite and help others to come unto Christ.  I have been able to see how these small simple things have been able to help people greatly. I have learned that the Members are needed greatly. It's the simple things that help the most. I love the mission! It has taught me a lot already, but I know that I have a lot to learn. Just remember:  the missionaries NEED the help of the members. They NEED your references. They NEED you to invite non members to your activities. They NEED every member to be a missionary.
Alma 37:6-8
Con Amor Elder Adams