Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hello Family from Costa Rica!

The above pic is of me with a member family here in Esparza.  The member did the baptizing of the two new members last week here.  They are a great family and are very kind and  good to us.  Anyways right now I am in San Jose because we had the monthly check up with president.  Anyways so this week was good. A little different without my other companion but good. I definitely needed it. My Spanish is improving. My relationship with my companion is improving. And I have been taught a lot by the Lord this week and I wish I could share it all, but I don't have a lot of time. Anyways so life here is good. I have lost some weight I think haha its hard to tell sometimes.
Anyways This week was a little harder because the people here are a little bit harder to talk to. I am starting to see why this Area was closed before. The people just don't want to hear us. But, we are obviously here for someone. At least that one family or one person that needs to hear this message, so that is the  thinking that keeps me going. I am super excited to work even harder this next week. 

 I have been reading "Our search for Happiness" and its such a great book! I just love the writing style of it. Please share that and this with the blog. Our search for happiness is a book written by M. Russel Ballard. and is not written to convert people or anything like that but it is written to help people understand where to find happiness and some of the concepts the Latter day saints believe and why we believe it I really love the writing style and I encourage people to read it.
Anyways I have to leave now but I will try to write more next time!  Take Care I love you all and think of you daily. But I totally agree 2 years is not going to be long enough. But I think the Lord has bigger plans for Costa Rica I have a feeling there might be two missions here someday and I would like to help make that happen! So I pray that I can work hard enough to help accomplish what the Lord has sent me here  to do.
Sincerely su hijo Elder Adams