Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov 3rd-Nov 10th 2014

Hello hello! I have a lot of cool experiences and I am going to try and send a snail mail letter soon.
Things are good this week we had a normal start, but it ended up to be great. We got a ton of references this week---27! We have a lot of new investigators that we got this week. We were teaching a new investigator and asked the family if they had any references and a girl got a pen and paper and wrote down 17 names phone number, where they live, name, etc. of people we could visit. It was pretty much everyone she knew. Which is how it should be. . . everyone we know should be a reference because we don't know if they will accept the message or not.  I was able to do divisions(they are splits with the zone leaders) for the first time. I did divisions with the Zone Leaders in Barranca. So I went to Barranca for about a day and a half. It was good, and I learned a lot there. I really learned of things that we can do better. Also I learned that Barranca is a little bit hotter( they are closer inland to the ocean) than Esparza... haha! 
 Can you see me?

We went on a hike today for p day. It was cool!  We hiked all the way up a mountain/hill and we could see Puntarenas (a popular tourist town that is on the tip of the shoreline) and the ocean and cruise liners.  It was gorgeous!  I fed a Parrot... and then it bit me...  but it was still awesome. haha!!!!  

I am starting to get more used to the swing of things here. Oh and by the way on December 18 we have changes or transfers again and may get a new companion, so just a heads up. 

Anyways I have had a lot of experiences with the spirit. Today I went to get my name tag for my normal shirt and its also the one that I use for my suit coat on Sundays, but when I went to go get it it wasn't there. You would think that I would be worried because I lost my name tag, and I was . . . but it was a different kind of worried, because I thought about it and knew right where it was. Even though I didn't know exactly where it was, I knew it was ok. . . Anyway, it was weird because my name tag had somehow fallen out of my pocket of my suit coat and into a baby's crib that I had draped my coat over in a members house. My comp and I walked straight there and got it like it was nothing, but it was BIG!   It was a cool experience for me. Sometimes  I think of this and how to better my ear for the spirit, then I think of when God spoke with Oliver Cowdery in Doctrine and Covenants 8 and 9. It reads,  " have I not spoken peace to your mind" or something along those lines.  Good words of advice to follow.
  This is one of the neatest truths of our gospel!  What is even more cool is that I can read and understand it in Spanish --almost simultaneously!

Sincerely with love,
 Elder Caleb Adams! 

PS--this is a photo of my MTC district.  We got together a few weeks ago when we were in San Jose for meetings with President Wilkinson.