Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hello from Costa Rica!  I have not been able to update the blog lately due to some photo and mailing issues.  I did send a hand written letter home and so the following info is from there.   Anyways this week was good.  I finally found investigators by myself! (well with the help of the Lord).   My companion said its your turn\,so I will follow you.   Next we  walked a couple steps and walked right up to a door and said "Hey we're missionaries and we have a message about Christ. Well, I did talk with her for a bit, first about the area she lives in and mostly stuff like that. Then asked can we share a message about Christ with you?  I fully expected a no but she accepted!  Wow!  Now we have 3 new investigators! My LPE's have been getting a a lot better too.  These are the are like the street contacts.  One miracle we had was we were at a new investigators house saying Ulpe! Buenas!( over here there are no doorbells, so you don't knock, but just stand outside a persons home and yell Ulpe and then they come out.  Anyway there was no one was home but then the sister of the lafy who lived there passed by and saw us and said to us. "Oh hey you guys are the ones who helped my sister set up her Christmas tree and things like that, that is super cool. We are going to get together as a family and We would love for you to come!" So we went to her house and wow! They fed us and we laughed and talked and taught them and now we have 7 new investigators just from that one meeting! The Lord is amazing!  There are so many miracles happening here everyday! I love you all! 

This is a picture I drew for my little bro.  He is 8 and always sending me drawings, so I thought I would draw him one.  Look up the sciptures--they are excellent ones. 

Well here I am---With President and Sister Wilkinson.  They are very good to us.  This photo was taken during my first few days in the mission.

This is from the amazing 3  day zone conference that we had.  It was awesome!

We have been doing a lot of service for some non-members and it has been great.  One experience happened when we were doing service in the yard.  We were cutting the front lawn with a machette and gathering up the grass and throwing it away.  While doing this, we saw in a far off distance rain and storm clouds coming.  It was getting closer and closer towards us.  It was like a wall of rain coming our way and then just like 5-7 houses before it hit us, it stopped moving forward.  It just stopped and the rain stayed and my comp and I could see everyone getting wet, but we were not.  So we finished our service in the yard, said goodbye to the people and grabbed our umbrellas and left.  Then it started raining on us.  Amazing power that the Lord stilled the rain!

I have been eating lots of pineapples and bananas here.  The fruit is soo totally good!  Especially the pineapple!  Bien Rico!  I also have had horse and it is really good.  The milk here is always in boxes and does not have to be refrigerated.  People drink a lot of coca-cola here.  Sometimes I ask for water and all they have is coke.  The old time glass coke bottle that we consider antiques are super common here.  We have our big meal of the day at lunch time that our cocinera makes for us 5 days a week..  She is great and so good to us.  Well, until next time

I love you all!
Elder Caleb Adams