Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Oh so happy to serve . . . Feb 9, 2015

Anyways I forgot to mention last week but our president has been having issues for the past while with health and then the 1st pres told him he needed to have a surgery to continue as pres. so he has been in Utah for the past 2 weeks recovering and getting well. so we have been a functioning mission without our president for a while which is pretty cool, but we did have one of the 70 come to help the mission while in his absence. He should return soon but keep him in your prayers. 
So today in zone conference we got some news from the 1st pres for our area. which is kind of shocking.... first off they said the lord is hastening his work. and then they gave us the new assignment to visit all old investigators and ask them about the Book of Mormon and if they are reading it or don't have the desire to act we have been asked to take the Book of Mormon and go give it to someone who is preparing to receive the gospel. They don't want unused Book of Mormons getting dusty for no reason when there are people who need to hear the message. so I hope all of you are using the gift of the Book of Mormon as well. It is also to help[ people realize that without the Book of Mormon they will be missing some peace in there lives. Anyways it was a bit of news to me. 

This week was good though. We are working to try and get some marriages done. Talking to lawyers and things. A lot of people here in Pital are from Nicaragua, so we have to work with them to make sure they are legal in the country first and then we have to get them married, and then.... finally they can be baptized. 

I have been getting along well with Elder Acuna. We are pretty good friends. When he found out that we didn't have cake or do anything for my birthday he was a little shocked and said that the 16th of Feb we are going to buy a cake and celebrate a little haha so that's awesome. He has already made my bed a few times, shined my shoes, made breakfast, and I have been trying to do the same and that has been helping us to stay good friends. I just hope that we can start to find more of the chosen people because we are finding at least 15 new investigators every week but they are progressing very well. Some of them say yes, but some of them have so many challenges. I am hopeful though that they can change with the Lord's help.

Well I love you all!  Pital is good and thanks for all the prayers! 
Oh yeah we changed cocineras because every day we had to walk 30 mins to eat and we decided it was better to just buy our own food and eat in the house....... sooooo if you have any super super super simple recipes and things that might be good that you didn't send me before I will gladly accept them. 

I love you all tons!
Elder Caleb M Adams

Picture of the Last Supper that hangs in one of the churches here.