Sunday, February 1, 2015


        So this week went well, We had kind of a busy week working hard with one of our investigators to prepare him for his baptism. One cool experience is we were doing divisions and I was with the District leader to go and do the interview with him for one of our investigators baptisms. and we were doing some LPE's and then the simple LPE turned into a lesson in the street and the lesson turned into setting a baptismal date with them. I don't know if anything big will come from it but we followed the spirit and set the dates.

So we were able to find some new investigators this week. which is good. We still need to work with the members more. But we are struggling because as of right now there are not that many members to work with in Pital. But we were able to find 13 new investigators not quite the goal of 15.
      We also had the baptism of an investigator, It went well my companion got to perform the baptism. We had to work pretty hard with the investigator to make sure that he would be ready for the big day but it all turned out in the end. Then we got a call from two Americans, and they asked for me and I talked with them in English and had to give them directions to the Pital church house. it was interesting at first because we didn't know who they were, but then on Sunday they called and were able to come to the church and they were super nice and they had live in Costa Rica for about 6 months about a year and a half ago. and were just passing through for about 3 weeks. ---- So on Sunday we were supposed to have the confirmation of our investigator. and we found out that he has to move to a different area and will be attending church with some other missionaries in San Jose after this Sunday so it was a must that he came for the confirmation and we called and he said he was coming and everything and then we were sitting and waiting for him in the meeting and he still wasn't there so we called him and he said that he missed the bus and  he lives about 15 mins outside of Pital. so he wouldn't be able to get there until about the end of sacrament meeting. but then my companion had an idea to ask the Americans if we could use there car and he said yes and he drove us and we got the investigator and brought him to church and under the direction of the bishop we were able to confirm him in the end of the meeting and I was able to preform the ordinance. it was a pretty cool miracle.
    My companion and I  found a shortcut this week and it involved crossing a small river. My comp took a video  of me crossing I will have to send it some time.

This is me crossing the river----whoah it was slippery!

It was super cool and big.

It was an  an awesome experience! Here is Elder Cordoba, the hermanas and me

We had a group p day yesterday! It was fun. We went as a district on a hike in the mountains and deep in the jungle and found a waterfall that one investigator  lead us to.
My rocking district!

 The waterfall was so very beautiful!!  It was    like a picture out of a movie only better!

Here I am in in the elements of Costa Rica.

 The scenery here is breath taking!

 I had the opportunity to be like Tarzan for a little bit.... haha there were some vines hanging and so we practiced swinging on them. It was a pretty fun experience.

Thoughts to consider:
Mark 2:1-5, this group of scriptures has soooo many principles that can be learned. here are some of the things I  learned this week:

--We need to find the best way to people to Christ, as a team.
--We need to go '"above" the normal in order to get our investigators to him

--If someone is not doing their part or not "lowering the rope" equally with the others the investigator is at risk to fall.
--Are we strong enough to "stand" for whats right when others are crippled by disobedience and bring them unto Christ.
--Christ was preaching and someone was brought to him. he stopped in the middle of preaching and instead of assigning an apostle he healed the man.

-Su hijo, hermano, y amigo. -Elder Adams