Tuesday, February 17, 2015

HOLY COW 6 months in the mission!

HOLY COW! how do I have 6 months! my mission is going by way to fast!
Wow... haha the land of desolation is good... The map is super cool of the land of desolation from the B of M!  haha I can believe it, that Costa Rica is part of it. Its a beautiful land!

Pital is well... it could be better when it comes to a lot of things. This week, we had an attendance of 18..... 18 people! Super low. We did have two investigators in church, but that is also on the lower side. Here in Pital, at one point we were able to have 12 investigators in the church. But, the attendance was a little bit lower, because it was raining pretty hard and the people have to walk to church. We are going to work hard to raise the attendance.  :o)
 Right now we don't have a set group leader, so  my companion and I are basically the leaders here. That is a good learning experience, but man there are so many things that we have to do here. Sometimes it just feels like we are running and getting nowhere.... One thing I know is for sure, we need to change some things here in Pital---so that it can start to progress some more. Anyways, my companion and I started a new thing where when we plan at night.   We always count up the key indicators. Well, we have added our own key indicator--- Miracles! We always set a goal of miracles that we want to see the following day, and since the time we have started, we have done just that. We have always surpassed the goal. Every day we have had many miracles!   Sometimes we don't even realize them  until we are planning at the end of the day and then we see more of the miracles!
Picture of volcano here in Pital.

One thing I have learned is that usually we find the people in times just before something incredibly bad happens and without the gospel they would be destroyed.  For some of the people, the message saves them and for others not-- because they refuse to accept it. But one thing is sure, God knows when we are going to have our trials and  He is always preparing us for them. It’s our choice to accept the preparation or not.

Right now we are still working with investigators to help them get married. Some problems we have run into is that a lot of people are from Nicaragua, and some of them are illegal.... soooo first we have to get them legal.... then married...... then baptized! haha.
This week we found 2 families and they are both married----- already! That is truly a miracle!  I can count on one hand the families that we have found that are already married here in Pital. We are super excited to work with them. They both already have baptismal dates and sound excited to learn more.

I have been getting along well with my companion. This week we did some house hunting. We are searching for a new house to have for the church services. Cooking is good we found a blender outside the house in the shed infested with cockroaches, and we cleaned it up,  and repaired it and now we have a blender!  Whoot whoot! haha so that’s cool.  Actually, yesterday we made papaya shakes. They were soo good!  I haven't had a chance to find the ingredients yet for the recipes that I have,
  Anyways I love you all tons and hope you all had a great valentines day!

Su Amigo Elder Caleb M. Adams

                                               CTR ring in Spanish--thanks Mom  :o)

These are the roads my companion and I travel daily in Pital.  It ti quiet, peaceful and beautiful!

Animal life here in Pital

This is how we hang our socks to dry here :o)
This is our "church cat".  She crawls through the bars of the windows at night and curls up to sleep, so she can be out of the rain, then meows for food in the am when we awake--reminds me of home and our cats there.  :o)