Friday, May 15, 2015

May 12,2015

WOW!!!! Great things are happening in Costa Rica! I can truly see the hand of the Lord and how he helps those who help themselves.
Companions: Elder Jose Zepeda (Honduras) and Elder Adams (Idaho)
Elder Zepeda and Elder Adams eating crab! Yummy!

This week went great I was able to go on Divisions with Elder Stewart our Zone leader and Man I learned a lot of really good things. He is a really good missionary. I learned about the importance of Faith and how we should always be able to see the evidence of our Faith through our actions.
Love you all!
Elder Adams

These two pictures are of our "homemade ping pong table".  My companion and I took 2 white boards that we have here and set them up on chairs and abracadabra----a ping pong table!  It is pretty legit!  We have had fun playing ping pong on our p-days.

This is pictures of church in Pital.  Priesthood:

 Room where we hold sacrament services.
This is a picture of a man juggling machetes.  He had 3 of them and was really good at it.
Very detailed wood carving of Christ's baptism by John the Baptist. 
Star fruit
                                                           Fruit here in Pital.
                                 This is  a Manzana de Agua, or water's amazing!

Here is a sampling of the animal life here---yes this is an armadillo. They are rather neat looking and fun to watch move.

   Look at this frog!  It  is even showing it's school spirit with
 Blackfoot Bronco colors--green and black!                                                                             PS:  this frog is very poisonous!

Love you all!
Elder Caleb Adams