Monday, July 13, 2015

Loving Costa Rica!

So this is a map of my area that my new mission covers now.---
pretty well split down the middle.

We had a great meeting on Thursday with President Hayes and his Family, and then interviews with him. He really is awesome. 
Then that night we had a stake meeting with him and the stake President about how the wards are working in the missionary work.
Then on Friday I had another meeting with President Hayes about Leadership and we had to teach him what are the numbers meant and some other things and rules about the mission. then he taught us from the scriptures and it was really spiritual. Then on Saturday We had 3 baptisms and so we invited Pres Hayes and he showed up with his Family and it went great! there were 35 people there! it was a record attendance in the history of the baptisms there in along long time. and President enjoyed it.

Then we had another baptism on Sunday, and I talked with President Hayes on the phone and he is going to allow us to take a trip with our converts to the Temple on Saturday. So today isn't P day for us.
But I have really been able to get to know the new President in these past few days and he is really great.

The Zone is great. We finished with 6 baptisms this week. Well Investigators... We baptized a lot of them so we are working on finding more. But we have another baptism planned for the 18th of July. There are all good. From all types of problems that we are helping them with--- but the atonement heals all! It's just that incredible.
I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve a mission and to work with the new Pres. Hayes.

We are probably going to open two new areas in 2 weeks in the mission. there are 119 missionaries in the misison now.

Love you all! Elder Adams

Sample of fruit trees and honeycomb here.

Pres Wilkinson and I

This is the couple in Pital that we helped get married and then we were able to baptize them. They are already working on going to the temple in year. So very neat family~
Some plant life huh?

Ok, so most days we are on our feet all day, and it is only when we return to our place that we actually sist or lay down. As you can see, both took a minute to relax----or should I say "ponder"

Elder Farnsworth(MTC) and Elder Zepeda, and me

Elder Nunez, me and some of the sisters in our zone.

Pres announcement of who was in what mission---COSTA RICA EAST!!!

The missionaries in Costa Rica rock!
More great members and baptisms of the wonderful people here in Costa Rica. I love it here!