Friday, July 3, 2015


Well Hello there Family of mine!

Elder Adams

Costa Rica San José East Mission                                                   

I will be in the Costa Rica East Mission with President Hayes, and today (June 29, 2015) at 8:33 pm the 2 new presidents arrive and the second the wheels of the Plane touch the ground, they are the two new Presidents... and Two Missions!!!---and President W. no longer has the Keys. President 
and Sister Wilkinson and his family leave home for Utah on July 1st.  It is                                           an exciting time for the mission!

                                         This is the boundaries of my new mission.

This week was good. It was kind of busy with all of the meetings and things, but maybe that is just how things are going to be with my new assignment haha!, This week we have a meeting with the new president and the stake President as well, both on different days.

We were able to do Divisions with the Assistants., ---- And man what a great time! I went with Elder Sharp. He is from.... Idaho! He is from Boise. He is actually about to finish his mission. but we found a lot of new investigators and put a lot of dates.

I remembered about when Elder Alonso (of the seventy) came here and promised us that if we worked on getting references we would see miracles! So I bought a notebook and I went out on the 1st day and I had said a little prayer to help me fill that book. I asked a lot of people and that day, and we received 19 references and contacted 8 people. Well, I have started to fill that little notebook! I know that God always keeps his promises. Elder Alonso also promised us that if we did that we would be able to baptize for a week straight and be able to have to at least to 10 baptisms each month. I know the Lord has worked many mighty miracles through my companion and me and I am grateful for that and how those miracles have helped change my life

I know that Faith always comes before the miracle. We always have to be willing to act and then receive.
Well I love you all very much! Thanks for all your prayers and letters. I ask you all to please pray for my Zone La Paz. That we might be able to have sufficient faith to be able to see miracles. They are all such good missionaries and I know we can make a difference.
Well, I love it here! I love being a missionary!

Su Amigo Elder Adams

                                        Last Leadership Meeting with President Wilkinson

My Zone ==La Paz

                                                Reunited again with my MTC District!

Last photo of the San Jose Costa Rica Mission with President Wilkinson
(look for me sitting, 5th one on your left)