Tuesday, July 14, 2015


One great experience this week,--- We always invite the people to read and pray and attend. Well I put a Baptismal date with a 15 year old and his family in the doorway because they said they were busy. ---That is something we do her, because there are no doorbells here, you just yell. Anyway, we left some pamphlets with them. When we returned two days later, we talked with the teenager for a sec and then he told us that he had a dream after the night that he read and prayed. He said he had a dream about his Baptism. He said usually when he wakes up, he is kind of grumpy, but he said that when he woke up from that dream, he had never felt so happy. We pulled out a picture of a baptism and asked him “ did it look something like this?” He said exactly!!!, with the same white clothes and everything! So that was a really cool miracle. I testified to him that that was an answer from God and that what he was feeling was the power of the Holy Ghost. I then invited him to write down that spiritual experience. So he is set to be baptized this coming month-- as soon as possible. Miracles happen!

Anyways life here is great. I did divisions with a different area. I went there to work with them in their area for a few days. We saw many miracles. We put some baptismal dates in doorways, and found a family that, that area is going to baptize in August.

Oh Yeah! Wow I almost forgot! This week I baptized 50 people!

But... it’s actually because we went to the temple with our converts! We got to go to the temple on Saturday with the new converts. We got there and the workers said that missionaries can’t do the baptizing because we are missionaries. It’s some rule, but then the Temple President came up to me and said “Elder Adams. I would like you to baptize your converts” And so I got to perform the baptisms for the Baptisms for the Dead for the members in Costa Rica in the Temple. Another miracle! It was pretty cool. The water was nice and warm.

-Su Amigo Elder Adams

 So this is Milton Marin Castro (Gaby Babb's brother) who is in the LDS documentary "Meet the Mormons".  Caleb went shopping with him on Monday and the Castro's live about 15 min form Caleb in San Pedro.  Another miracle to have 2 families from different parts of the world united.  :o)

  Guitar, Ukulele, and cake  :o)

My comp Elder Nunez giving a member a haircut!
1st baptism with President and Sister Hayes
The Hayes brought their daughter Lizzy with them for their mission in Costa Rica.
New members!!!  :o)