Tuesday, November 24, 2015

16 Noviembre 2015 The work moves on!

Things here are good! We had some more time to work in the Area! I actually went to Cartago for a few days and did some divisions there. and in the Area,
We were walking at night just the usual and well first you have to understand that here in Costa Rica they have these HUGE Rain Drains on the Side of the Roads, Like GIANT rain Gutters! Anyways We were Walking, and then right in front off us a car that was trying to turn around had one of the tires fall into the Gutter and couldn't go anywhere. so We kept walking and arrived to the Car and said-- "do you need help", So then we lifted up the car, my comp and I put it back down and then said have a good day! haha and then afterward we said, ----Woah we just lifted up a car!!!... haha we didn't even think about it.

One other thing, We planning and we were stumped on a few things because we feel we should find another place to cast our nets.... So we whipped out the Map and planned an area. Well when we got there the next day There was like a fork in the road thing and so we had kind of contacted all we knew, so we prayed where to go and then my comp said "Well I am going to see what this guy thinks" and he asked a man that was walking by.The fellow was texting so didn't even really look up at us, but we asked where are there a lot of people that need a message from Christ and haha he pointed to one of the roads and said there is a lot of people over there I think. That was the idea we had so it was kind of a confirmation--2nd witness---of where we needed to go. Anyways long story short we went there and Wow!!! We found areas upon areas of people and we found several new people. We set up appointments and yeah it has a lot of potential.:o)

Today we went to Presidents house and had the Monthly Check up and it went well! President Grilled some burgers and we shared a few things. It was awesome!

The Work Moves on! I get to serve in the best place ever! I totally love the people here and wouldn't trade this time in my life for anything. SOOO very thankful for this time to draw closer to my Savior.

Love ya all!

Elder Caleb Adams

Here are some pictures of the week----

Elder and Sister Burt--- the 2 Secretaries took us( Elder Macias and me) out to eat!--- at Johnny Rockets! These two are the greatest!

Dinner at Johnny Rockets!  It is like and old 50's shop to eat at.
My shirts arrived from Idaho---thanks Mom :o)