Tuesday, November 24, 2015

23 Noviembre 2015 Happy Thanksgiving!

We have seen a lot of miracles. We had some different changes so we had to go receive a few new missionaries this week that came in early. The two elders are now my companions. They are cool, Their names are, Elder Sepulveda from Mexico and Elder Magaña from El Salvador. They will be with us for about 10 days until we have the real changes.  It is great to work with these elders as they come right in ready to go to work. 

I was working with Elder Magaña and we were getting to know this newer area, and we went to this crazy part of town with  climbing and coming down a bunch of mountain stairs. Everyone was rejecting us. You always have that thought---"Well I know I was sent here by the Spirit, so I am here for a reason". I am being rejected by everyone that sees us but there is some reason we are here. Well we contacted all these houses and then as we were coming down thinking of maybe going to another part. I felt I should talk to this girl, I said to her ¨The missionaries visited you before right?  She said yes, I didn´t know why, but  I just jumped right to the question. I said I asked her if she could show us her house because we have a message to share with her Family and she said okay, and lead us to her house. So we followed her down this alley, sidewalk thing and finally found the house and asked for the family. Long story short---We taught the family and found out that half of the family is less active and has not been to church in 3 years. So we taught them a spiritual lesson and they said they will go with us to church on Sunday.  Anyways it was cool faith prompting experience!

Things are well. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

Love ya!

Elder Caleb M. Adams

PS--Long story short---I am still working on getting my driver's license here.  Quite the task!
 I had to go to the Drivers license place and I asked for the boss.  I went to the US Embassy and now I am going to go talk to The Director of Licenses or what not over Costa Rica to see if I can change a Federal Regulation.... So that the missionaries that are coming in to the office and that I can get my Drivers License.