Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week 4 in Tres Rios-- 9 Nov 2015

                                 Two more wonderful days with zones Cartago and Toyopan!

This week we had a lot of meetings as well. Some Zone Conferences and then on Friday the Leadership Council. WOW!!!  It was good!   I got to teach in each one and help people out. Church was good as always. We had Ward Conference. We are working with some people to Baptize them. I love working with Pres. Hayes. He is such a powerful example of what is right and good. We had a great meeting today and I learned a lot about the Scriptures from him. The spirit of the mission has changed a bit with him here, We really have talked a lot about the difference of the Law of Moses. and the Law of Christ. Mosiah 1-5 talks about that and so does Helaman 5. 

Anyways life has been great. This week hopefully I will get my License and everything will go through. We are going to do divisions with some people to help them out. Next Monday we have the monthly check up with all of the new missionaries and their trainers in the President´s house. So that should be fun.

I love ya all and hope all is well! Thanks for the Prayers---I definitely feel them  :o)
Great news--- The repair man came and fixed our shower so now it has hot water instead of just cold haha so that's great.  I love what do!

Elder Adams