Friday, December 11, 2015

7 Diciembre 2015

This week was crazy... I went to the Airport 3 times and we did a lot of work bringing in new missionaries and sending out out the old missionaries. Wednesday was changes day. So we had to make a cool Power Point presentation. Then on Wednesday, about half of the mission showed up. I gave the welcome and we sang and then we heard from President a bit. and Then I explained how things were going to work. and then I announced the new areas and companions as each companionship came up on the Power Point. It was awesome. A lot different from the last time but, the energy that was in the room was awesome and the missionaries really loved it. I would announce it first, and then I would show the next slide.
I also got to be there with my Trainer Elder Gomez., from my first area--Esparza.   He got assigned to train again and so I got to be there to announce it and now as we say in the mission "I have a brother!"--full circle!   haha

So this week being so busy things were kind of ruff in the Area. Friday night came around and we had hardly any lesson and no news. For the amount of running around and opening new areas. On Saturday we went and did some House inspections to make sure the missionaries houses are doing good and are clean. So Sunday, we really needed to do divisions and we were able to plan them with some members and we saw a lot of miracles and in the end we reached all of our goals and found 10 news and baptismal dates on Sunday. The Lord provides the way when we work all we can and do are very best.  He is ever aware of our needs ans is there to help us meet out goals when we put Him first.

Funny Story:
 So We have had this investigator named Rafael. He is awesome. He has a shell that someone gave to him years ago. A Conch Shell and he calls it his ¨Trumpeta¨ haha anyways 2 weeks ago we had to wait for him in the park to meet up with him to show him the Chapel. It can be kind of hard to find in Tres Rios. So I was in Divisions and I went and we were waiting and we hear... ¨Bu-Dum Bu-Dum!!!!¨haha and we said to each other what is that. It must be a bus.... and then we see good old Rafael walking on down blowing that Conch shell with all of his might. He is 74 years old by the way. He did the same thing yesterday. He´s awesome. We just had to remind him that in the Chapel we don´t do that.

The below picture is of  me and Elder Sepulveda teaching about 22 niños. We climbed up this mountain area and were talking to some less actives when one of the less actives said, The Missionaries! ¨Hey I am going to go get all the kids from the street together and you guys can share something! So we finished talking to this Less Active and then we come around the corner and here we find the other less active that gathered the kids together and had two seats in front of the group haha so it was pretty fun and a good little lesson :)

The Group of Niños that we taught!

I love my calling and love being here in this beautiful blessed land with the most amazing people and children of God.  Have a great week.
Elder Caleb M. Adams

More photos:

                                                Planning in a great location :) haha

So we arrived at the airport really really early one of these P days that we had to pick up the new missionaries coming in and it just so happens that we printed off the Lyrics to the songs we had in the car so we spent some time singing haha!
 Here is my comp singing---

Oh me and my companion were on our way to the office in the car and then my comp pulls over and says, `Man! I have something that is really bothering my foot! Like a rock or something in my shoe! and this little/giant guy fell out. Yep--that big!  haha.

                                        Me at the airport with  the wheels we get to drive!

At the airport with some awesome missionaries!----these missionaries are on their way home!  Audios and best wishes to all!

So me and my companion were on our way to the office in the car and then my comp pulls over and says, "Man! I have something that is really bothering my foot! Like a rock or something in my shoe!" and this little/giant guy fell out.   Yeah he is that big!  haha.

Service project!  

We did a Zone Service project. In a Nursing home today. A lot of fun. There are some familiar faces in there because we had changes and some were changed to my same zone.

We dropped off the old missionaries last change. They have been home for about 2 months now

At the Airport. This was taken a while ago. Dropping off the old Missionaries! On their way home!

                             The package arrived!!!--- mucho gracias mi familia!

The first 7days that I opened up! Thanks again! Love you all!