Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Diciembre! -- 14 Diciembre 2015

Anyways life is good. The mission is getting there. I have a lot of hope and faith in the mission that here in a few months we are going to see some big changes! My companion was going to go leave and train his last change, but due to the license situation he will be staying with me and finishing his mission here in the office until February.

President is the best! Today our office meeting went way longer than normal like about 3 and a half hours long, haha But I love him I learned a lot! We had a great Leadership meeting with the Zone Leaders but the power went out just before we started... and then we were trying to figure out what to do. How to somehow get the power back on. Our mission President said don´t worry about it. It will come back on. You need to know that the thing is, here in Costa Rica, sometimes the power can go out for a full day and they won´t get it back on. So anywho.... My Companion and I talked with all the Zone Leaders and then just when we needed the Projector for all the hours of Preparation that we had down to show this cool power-point and teach the mission. The Power kicked back on!!! Perfect Timing....The Lord's timing! .....

One Day we got to the area at like 5 because of the leadership meeting and then had some things we had to do. We had some incredible lessons planned! We got there and they said, oh man its just I haven´t arrived home yet. and we said that's fine we have a Back up plan and then those peopel couldn´t either and so then we followed these great plans and no one would open the door. We talked with everyone with power and testifying with the Spirit but no one. Well 8:20 pm came around and still not one lesson that whole day. Not even a new investigator. We were praying in our hearts to know where to go or what to do. We knew we needed to act fast, becasue here in Costa Rica at 8 everyone goes to bed because at 5:30 it gets dark. So its a terrible time to find new people. Anyways long story short. We walked down a street on our way to another house and then I felt the strong impression to talk with some people and we started teaching them of the Lord Jesus Christ there in their door step and then a few more people came to listen and then a few more and then we ended up finding 8 new people there and they all asked for a Book of Mormon and wanted to learn more. The Lord helps those who are obedient to his work.\

Well I love you all! I hope you have some great Holidays! I will take some Pics and get them sent next week! :)

Elder Caleb Adams

Here are some pictures:

This is my familia!
My Trainer, Elder Gomez, with Elder Jones who is now being trained by Elder Gomez. So that makes me and Elder Jones brothers haha. This is in the office when we announced who the companionship's would be with President.