Saturday, December 5, 2015

30 Noviembre 2015 Feliz Navidad--early!!!!

Feliz Navidad,---early!   yeah so haha we are still in November, but we have been saying that to everyone since October!  haha.
 I have been pretty busy. Luckily Sister Hayes has been snapping a few pictures, so many of them are from her.
My favorite parts of this week are:  
Well there were a quite a few miracles. Crazy story, a few weeks ago we were contacting in a newer area and we ended up talking with a lady that works in an orphanage--- well long story short--- She is in charge of like 15 young men from ages 15 to 18. So we said bye and then like a week later we passed by and found her in the orphanage and talked with her.  I mentioned to her that we could do an activity and play soccer. She said that would be great and gave us her number.  We didn't  have anything set. So we left and were super busy with the new missionaries and changes. I tried calling her, but it just didn't work out. Anyways on Thursday, I was on my home with Elder Sepulveda,--- he has only one week so far in his mission,but  great missionary.  Anyway, we started talking to this guy while waiting for a bus and the conversation turned into well,  the gospel of Jesus Christ and he told us of how he doesn't really believe in those things because of all his trials. Anyways the spirit was there on that street  and soo strong.  We invited him to church.  So now jumping to Saturday, I called this boy and he said he was going to visit the church. Now that first off doesn't happen real often in our area. It is very rare that someone says they will even go and then come. Then I got a message from the same lady that worked at the orphanage that we had been trying to get in contact with and she said that one of the 18 boys she had there was going to visit our church this coming Sunday.  She went on to say how he had told her good things about us.  Anyway, out of that we were finally able to plan the activity. We are going to play soccer and basketball with them Saturday at 10 am. The thing is, is that the Tres Rios ward doesn't have a priest quorum. So that was a bummer!  My companion and I talked and we said well we will have to do something about that. Anyways it´s incredible how the Lord works. I know he lives and that this is His work, not ours.

I encourage each of you to share the message of Christ and his birth with others.  It is soo easy now with modern media.  Don't be afraid to tell others about the Savior and how much he means to you.

I wish you all a great week.
Love ya all!

Elder  Caleb Adams

Here are a few pictures:
Welcome to Costa Rica! We have good missionaries new! They are happy and excited and ready to begin their missions.

Stop at the Costa Rica Sn Jose Temple with the new missionaries---

New arrivals---fresh form the MTC and ready to work! :o) Four new missionaries arrived today!Welcome to Costa Rica!

  This is us having way to much fun as missionaries.  Sister Soe from New Zealand shared a fun game with us.  :o) The new game we learned is called Pukana. It´s pretty fun.