Wednesday, February 17, 2016

15 Febrero 2016----ELDER OCHOA and volcano----

Turriabla Volcano:  latest activity.   It has been erupting of and on since last October 2015, so to people here it it is old news.  Below is a map of the distance I am from the volcano as well as some sky cam photos of the eruption.  Just ash, no real danger.

Distance is: 1 h 1 min (40.1 km) via Route 10

Weak, passive ash venting occurred on Feb 8, 2016 at the western pit crater, showing that volcanic unrest continues.

Hey! So I will officially receive my companion today. Right now I am still with Elder Macías. It´s kind of a bummer., because after 4 and a half months together, He is heading home to Mexico. He has been such a good friend! But my new companion is cool his name is Elder Morales. He is from Honduras.
 So we had our special zone conference with Elder Ochoa (of the Seventy)and his wife. It was pretty cool. I got to meet and talk with him for 3 days! It was pretty special. We took the Zone Pictures, but then on the third day before he left. He pulled us out to the parking lot and took pictures one with me and one with Elder Macías on his iphone and then sent them to us. He is pretty loving, but also showed us a few things we can do to be better. 
PS: Elder Ochoa talked highly of Casey and told me to tell him that they love him and still remember him!  
 --(for those of you who remember him, he came to our stake along with Russell M. Nelson when they reorganized the stake presidency of Pres Sponenburg years ago .  He also was the Mission President to my Uncle Casey when he served his mission in Honduras, so this picture really means a lot).

Elder Ochoa with the Cartago Zone--- Elder Macias and I are dead center in the middle of the picture.

The Tree of Life activity on Saturday  was a blast! Although, at first at 6:30 when it was supposed to start. No one was there. Not even the members.... but we ended up starting at 7:30 haha--- Tico Time. It was really cool though I will have to send some Pictures. We had the iron rod running throughout the whole chapel and we had a fog machine and we would cover there eyes and they would walk through for a long while until they made it to the tree/fruit. and there were temptations on the way that different organizations created. At the end by the tree that we projected on the wall. We had the Patriarch dressed in white explain it all again and show the Book of Mormon and how it is the word of God. We ended up passing out 37 Books of Mormon!!!!! and we got some references from the members. Then that same Sunday, 6 of those references showed up to church with the members! and we brought some others too. But 6 from the members is great!!!!!!---Members do make  a difference!

That sacrament meeting was pretty cool too because Elder Macías gave his last testimony and President Hayes was there in the ward as well that day. I think I have heard Elder Macías´s last testimony more than 10 times now, but it is great!  haha. Elder Ochoa asked the both of us to give our testimonies in the Zone Conferences with him so that was cool. Then after Sacrament meeting we had to go to the Airport with President and we picked up some new missionaries that flew in and drove them to President´s house where we made burgers and ate. It was awesome. 
Oh on a side note. Elder Gomez (My Trainer) came up and has been with me since Friday finishing his mission. He will leave with Elder Macías on Thursday.  So, How cool is that. I got to be with my trainer the last week he was in the mission. We talked a lot about the good ole times. He is a great friend too.
Well I love you all! Right now I am going to go talk to all of the new Trainers with President and then send then out to work and then tomorrow in the morning I go to the Airport in Alajeula again to pick up the Latinos. then we assign the new missionaries their trainers and send them out! Busy work!
Have a great week! I love you all! 
Elder Adams