Tuesday, September 30, 2014

COSTA RICA arrival 9/29/2014

Costa Rica--I have arrived!

Hello! I made it to Costa Rica!!!! I could feel the humidity right when I got off the plane. Everything definitely looks different. haha! I woke up this morning and my shirt and the walls were kind of damp just because of the humidity. Everything is so green!! I'm at the Mission office for now and we will sleep somewhere across town that we walk to. I will meet my trainer tomorrow and go to my new area then, but as for right now I'm at the Mission office.   All is well!---both my luggage and all of our group made it safely to Costa Rican soil!  HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!

Oh and I found out don't send mail or packages by anything other than the US post mail!  Don't use UPS or Fed EX!   They almost always get lost and Dearelder does work here via pouch.  So that is good.  The deadline for pouch mail is Sunday night at midnight.  I get mail about every two weeks. Oh and they said to  tape up the package really well and put pictures of Christ on them. They don't know if it works but they said it wouldn't hurt to try!   

My mission home address is :  
                         Elder Caleb Marcus Adams___________
Misión San José, Costa Rica
             Apartado Postal 249-2010 Zapote
San José, Costa Rica