Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MTC week 5 (Sept 19-28)

Week 5 MTC (Sept 19--Sept 28)

Well things are winding down for my training here at the MTC.  Anyways there are so many cool experiences that happened this week!  Anyways so I went to the doctor on Monday and found out that I had a Respiratory Virus that had been going around. I have had it for about a week. My ears filled with fluid and that made it hard to hear and I got an infection in both my ears... but, on Monday I was able to get some medicine and I am feeling a lot better today so no worries! I'm glad that its getting cleared up before I get on the plane.
So Last week as I said we were able to hear from Elder Richard G. Scott and that was amazing. We were also able to participate in the Ogden Temple re-dedication

 and that was a really cool experience to sing the Spirit of God with all the Missionaries.

Then on this Tuesday We were able to hear from Elder Russel M. Ballard! It was a suprise because there were no teleprompters set up or anything. It was a really great talk. He started off by saying he didn't have a written talk and that he wanted to talk to us like a grandpa talks to his grandchildren. He told us many time "When I was 19 I did this concerning my testimony" or "If I were you I would" which are things that you don't usually get to hear from an Apostle. He talked about how the Missionaries are the #1 thing people seem to know about the church. The are the most common thing that people usually notice about our church. He stressed the importance of getting an education.... ....on your mission.   Which was interesting, because we all thought he was talking about after our missions. He shared many other things. He stressed the importance of planning and how the best companion ships and most successful missionaries are those who plan and set goals. I wish I had my notes so I could share more things that he talked with us about.
It has been amazing to be able to hear and see 6 general authorities and 2 apostles in my time here and the MTC for only less than 6 weeks. On Wednesday, after lunch my companion and I found out that we were assigned to be the missionaries to do the " How to begin teaching" meeting for all the new Spanish speaking missionaries coming in that day!  WOW!.

It was a really good experience. We went and taught some investigators in front of a large group of new missionaries, it was really cool because I can still remember when I was the new one. Weird to think it was just 5 wks ago that it was me being the one taught! Another companionship was supposed to be there as well to show another group but they didn't show up so we were the only companionship there and so we taught both. We would knock on the door and show the missionaries how we teach and get to really know the investigator in the first 5-10 mins. We then learned that we were the last missionaries to do that at the West Campus Chapel since things are slowing down here.

We have had some great district study time periods. I love my district and will miss them a lot. One thought I had come to my mind this week was about faith. Faith ALWAYS precedes the miracle.
Let me compare this to baking bread. With some kinds of bread there are a certain amount of ingredients that you have to add to make the bread. One of these things is yeast. When the proper amount of Yeast is added the bread will rise when cooked. Now it wouldn't make any sense to put all the other ingredients in the oven and after it had been in there a while, then to add the Yeast. The oven is similar to our trials and the Yeast is similar to our Faith. When we add the right amount of Faith in our lives. The Lord will help us to rise during are trials to help to become what he intended us to be.

Con Amor, Elder Adams

 PS: Thanks Jeb for the nice letter.  It is part of my wall paper for my room  :)

 I have keeping a pretty detailed journal while I have been here and I thought I would share a page with you.

Costa Rica here I come! 

I fly out on Monday Sept 29, 2014.  I  get to be the travel coordinator over 11 missionaries and myself. We all ahve to meet at the travel office by 4:30 am on 9/29. 

Love you all!

Elder Caleb Adams