Sunday, September 21, 2014

MTC Week 4:

Things are going well here. We have started a thing where people in our district come up with investigators and then we teach them. So we are teaching about 4-5 lessons a day on average.  Which isn't that much. Oh yeah on Monday like I have said before we get to teach Members, well since we are getting closer to the field. We taught members on Skype! from people around the world. It was an interesting experience but it went pretty well. We taught about the gospel of Christ and it morphed into Service. Anyways my Spanish is coming along pretty well. I still have a long ways to go though. We taught our TRC or aka one of our "investigators" that we teach daily and usually the lesson goes well, but yesterday was crazy because she asked us a question in super fast Spanish. The bad thing was we thought we were answering it but she kept saying we hadn't and it basically just overloaded my brain with Spanish! haha For a second during that lesson, I think the translating part of my brain shutdown or had to restart or something... 
Anyways, I love the letters from everyone. They are really great. Thanks for all the Support!  Thanks Jeb for the letter. Dad, mom, Tayloranne and Hannah and others, THANK YOU! They were really great. I have been keeping a pretty detailed journal about the MTC life.  So basically on P-days, our schedule goes as follows:  First we go to the temple and do either sealings, initiatory, or endowments, then after that we either do laundry or emailing. Lately we have been walking over to main campus from the temple and emailing because then I can print off some of the emails I don't get a chance to respond to fully.
 I have been getting kind of sick, I've had a sore throat and cough but I think I'm slowly getting better. But  Oh WAIT! I almost forgot to tell you On Sunday's devo we were able to hear from Tad R Callister and it was awesome he talked about the Plan of Salvation and explained it really well. And then on Tuesday, there was a rumor going around that some one important was going to speak and then it just so happens that while waiting to enter the building we were standing in line next to an Elder Scott and he told us that his grandpa was speaking that night. So anyways we were able to hear from Richard G. Scott and it was really awesome. He gave a great talk about prayer and communication between us and god. He talked about how if we have done everything correctly and still haven't received an answer from god we should thank God because this means that he is trusting us enough to make the decision on our own. Anyways he said a lot of other really good things and the talk was broadcast live to all the MTC's around the world about 18,000 missionaries saw it or something like that. 

 Coca Bean cupcakes!!!  Thank you Aaron and Melinda Balsmeier!!!!  They were delicious!  We all enjoyed them!  Thanks for all the Support!
hanging note to help with the espanol. 

My rocking district!

My comp , Elder Rowley and our studly GQ looks.

                                                          I'm free!! Let it go!! :)
  We da bomb!!

Hanging out with Haden Acor, Keenan Wynn. and Caden Preece.  These are by far my favorite moments when I get to reconnect with friends I already know.  The MTC is sweet!
                                                      hahaha still taking selfies:)
Anyways we get our travel plans tomorrow and I will let you know whats happening. But as far as I know I am set to go. Tell the Family I said hello.  I leave on Monday Sept. 29,2014.  Woot woot!  :o)
Anyways Adios Por Ahora! 

Elder Caleb M. Adams