Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 2
Hola!  Well, I am doing great and working hard!
Wow, first off I love dear Elder. It's awesome! I have loved getting letters and packages.  Thank you to all who have sent them! Tell everyone to use it, haha I love the pictures too. 

That's an awesome picture of dad! Thanks for the pictures of Cody and Karissa! Sister Call has been writing me a few letters and she also sent me a Costa Rica pin for my suit and cookies. She said the wedding was beautiful. Don't worry, I will write Grandpa a letter since he's feeling a little jealous.... haha :) Anyways so this week went well. It feels like we have already been here for a long time haha but yesterday was only two weeks. I have been able to learn a lot of Spanish and am able to understand it pretty well. I'm grateful for the gift of tongues. I am able to understand the language far better than I am able to speak it. So that investigator that I talked about early wasn't actually a real investigator, he was one of the teachers here that served his mission in Costa Rica and he was just pretending to be an investigator. Anyways so this week we received two more people that we are supposed to teach in Spanish and we have already taught one of them,his name is Mario, and It went really well.  I usually try to memorize/figure out what I'm going to say for the lesson and then try and bare my testimony and I think the lesson went well. The spirit was there. My Companion and I are slowly getting better at being effective teachers but I can tell that we have a lot to learn. So on Mondays we get the opportunity to teach members in Spanish. It went really great! the man we talked to was really nice and he spoke about half Spanish and half English so that made it easier for us. We taught him about the importance of faith and shared the story of the mustard seed and Nephi going to get the plates.
On Sundays and Tuesdays we get to go to the main campus for devotionals and meet with all the missionaries in the MTC and it's really cool when we get to sing Called to Serve. I love the schedule I have here. Sundays we have Devos, then Mondays are normal until we get to teach the members. Then Tuesdays we have service in the morning and a Devo at night and then Wednesday is normal and then Thursday is P-day!  Then Friday and Saturday are normal.  At the main Devo, is where I get to see some folks I know.  This is where I saw Elder Evan Peterson prior to his leaving the MTC.

On Sunday, we were taught about the importance of keeping a study journal and how God can speak to us through those and it was really great.  Then on Tuesday, we got to hear from Don R. Clarke. It was really awesome. He was a great speaker he talked about how people are praying for their families to be reactivated or converted and that God is sending us as the answer to their prayers.  He really stressed the importance of keeping people activated and converted because a lot of us as members have no idea how it feels to be a new convert. So we need to be there friend, give them a responsibility and they need to have the word of God in their lives.

I will try to write more when I have more time I just got done with the Temple .

For now:
This is what my shoes currently look like: prior to walking the roads the Lord has chosen me to walk.

I got to test my sewing knowledge.  Though I prefer to sew and harvest seeds. 

We have been blessed by many with night snacks.  

Here are a few silly pics of us as servants of the Lord just in case you thought it was                                           ALL WORK and NO PLAY!  Ha ha ha!

Adios por ahora

Elder Caleb M Adams

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Love you ALL!