Monday, January 5, 2015

Greeting from warm Pital!  

  I got to enjoy great food and company with some wonderful members in Pital.  

Yes--I am eating fried chicken---yummmmmmm!!!

Sundays are good here. We actually were able to have 11 investigators in the church it was pretty cool. So Pital is shaped kind of like an octopus it has really long streets that don’t connect until the center.   We have a family that lives on the other side of a field and a small river and there is no road in between so they have to walk all the way around and it takes about a half an hour.  (this is the same family that we lent our  umbrella to)  Anyways so this Sunday, they wanted to come but like you already know it takes the a while to get to church walking. But this time on the Saturday before, Elder Cordoba  and I found and used a little shortcut across the small ditch and then they decided to cross there as well too on Sunday. Anyways usually we text the investigators to come on Sunday morning and if they don't answer we call them and if they don't answer that we go to their houses. So we were walking to take the shortcut to bring this family and we met up with them at the river just in time to see them crossing it and we were able to help them .I was carrying the 5 month old baby and the kids so that they could come to church. It was really cool!  

We had a baptism this, just after Christmas Sunday Dec 28, 2014.  It was really awesome the investigator was so ready and he has gone through so many changes to prepare for the baptism. It was a really cool experience to be able to be a part of. We are seeing many miracles here and are really trying to work with the members more.  They are definitely the key to helping us here.

(Elder Cordoba is in the middle and the new member on the right)
 What a great way to spend the holiday, centered around the gift--His Gift.  #Heisthegift

I encourage all of you to participate in the missionary work. Invite someone over to eat at your house at the same time the missionaries come to eat or something like that,

Anyways the life here is good and it definitely has its ups and downs but I am really enjoying the missionary work and bringing people unto to Christ. But always remember  every member a missionary.

Con Amor Su Hijo Elder Adams