Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 2015 Pital

Hello everyone!!!!
 Anyways so this week was good I had the opportunity to do divisions. I went to Ciudad Que Sada and the district leader went to Pital and worked with my companion. Divisions taught me a lot. I went with Elder Rosander. He only has a month in his mission. After District meetings, when we started division,s and we decided to set the goal to talk with 40 people in the day because we wanted to make sure that we would definitely reach the normal goal of 20 every day. So we starting doing street contacts and working and Elder Rosander although he doesn't know a ton of Spanish still he was willing to put him self out there and talk with everyone. Long story short when the night came we added up all of the names and phone numbers that we had written down and the number totaled up to exactly 40. I know that if we are doing are part and telling our goals to the Lord he is going to be with us. 
I have been able to do a lot of service projects lately on P day. this p day we helped build a house. it was cool to learn how to build a house and help people. there are oranges everywhere around that house and so through out the day we were able to eat a lot of oranges while working. after the project we helped some kids move these large pieces of wood to their house and when we did we heard some noises in the trees and so we walked over to that area and looked up and sure enough we were able to see a lot of monkeys! and their babies! it was pretty cool! then our member friend and neighbor Freiden, showed me a leaf...... haha he touched me with it and I got a lot of hives on my arm..... haha but, they went away after about a half an hour, My health is good I am a little sore after all those service projects!, but its all good. 

                                                   Getting friendly with the wildlife here  :)

Anyways My birthday went well. It was a normal work day. But about a week ago I set a little alarm on our phone that would say happy birthday to me when I woke up haha. By the end of the day we hadn't done anything special so I called and ordered a pizza and we shared with the neighbors and it went well.
I also bought some ingredients and Freidyn our neighbor/member friend showed me how to make "Copos" they are delicious! its like a snow cone thing but a little bit different. frozen water mixed with Kola flavoring. then shave the ice and mix it with some powdered milk stuff and add some syrup. oh man it was good. On P day we were able to play soccer. It was really fun but it was raining almost the whole time so I was covered in Mud. We are set to have a baptism this weekend with one of our investigators. He is a cool guy. His name is Gabriel.
This week finished off a lot better....... I think its the closest that me and my companion have been since our first week. So that's good. I actually did some study. I read Alma 36:3 that mom gave me and when I was in Esparza I received the scripture 1 Nephi 7:12 when I was really struggling. So I took the two and examined them and compared them. I learned a lot about what it means to Trust in God. Its funny a lot of people say trust in God, but what does that really mean?! Well I found out that it doesn't just have one meaning but Trust equals faith. and that realizing that everything is going to be okay if we realize that without him we are nothing but with him we can be everything. I read all of Alma 36 and then prayed about it and I actually think that that experience is what made everything better for me. Sometimes we only pray to use God as a "help line" kind of thing and it shouldn't be like that. We should Pray always. Anyways I learned a lot and I really hope that I can remember what I learned now for the future! But thanks, thanks, thanks again for all the good advice!  It really really helps me. Love you tons!

Su Hijo Elder Adams

This is my first official convert baptism of a Pital fellow. It was great!  It was really awesome! The investigator was so ready and he has gone through so many changes to prepare for the baptism.I was able to preform the ordinance! It was awesome! I spent some time making sure I had the words down but everything went great.  The water was a little cold, but other that that every thing went according to plan! 


3-Liter Coke bottles;    they sure come in handy for many things.

Playing soccer-----good times! 

Pineapple Fields!
  Loads and loads of pineapples!

  The church house as well as our home  :o)

  This is looking inside the church house.  This is the main meeting room.

So I haven't eaten that many types of fruit here yet and I told one of the our member friends and he made sure that I tried every fruit that we saw walking in the street.  haha Here are some of them!---they are all delicious!!!

Rice anyone????  Holy rice bowl!!!!   We celebrated a members birthday last week and they made a ton of rice!!!!!!!  

Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes! I am looking forward to a good week. Please tell everyone thanks for the birthday wishes I feel pretty old now! I love you all tons! and I haven't gotten any of the packages or letters but I will be sure to let you know when I do!

Love you all--
Elder Caleb Adams