Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jan 6, 2015

Greetings from Pital

 This is the church house where my companion Elder Cordoba(Honduras) and I live.

We are set to have another baptism this Saturday. It should be cool.  The man we are going to baptize is actually a brother to one of the member families and he came to church in December and that’s how it started. I actually set his baptismal date while talking with him in the street on the way to his house. He actually has some difficulties mentally understanding things, but he has been able to remember exactly everything we have taught and kept his commitments. Anyways it should be a cool experience. One cool experience is we were walking trying to do LPE's or street contacts because all of our appointments had fallen until 8 and it was about 6:30. so we decided to say a pray in the street, we prayed specifically to be able to find a family and then we started walking and then after a while walking, we remembered an LPE that we had talked with about 2 or 3 weeks earlier. So we decided to go visit that house and we did, and the man of the house was the only one there which apparently was rare because he is usually always working. But long story short--He was very friendly and they are a Family of about 6 or 7 people, and he was interested in our message and wants us to come back. So that was a cool answer to our prayers.

This is beautiful waterfall that is naturally in our area.  It is actually in one of our investigators backyard.


Love you all very much! Sincerely Elder Adams