Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy January

Hello from Pital!  Here is a quick note that I sent home to my family to keep them updated.  Ha ha ha!

Actually, I did write two lengthy letters home and this post is ex certs from those letters.

Letter ex cert from 12-19-2014:
"Hello my family!  Muchas gracias por sus cartas!  I have really enjoyed the package and wanted to let you know that I did get your letters and love them!  The miraculous news about 2 missions in Costa Rica is surely a sign of the second coming.  Anyways, I love it here in Pital,Alajuela.  It's is nice and open here and a little colder, I have been told it can get as hot as Esparza.  My companion is good.  He is from Honduras and has had 19 months out and is a really good teacher.  I am in the idstrict of San Carlos.  There is my comp and me, 2 other elders, and 2 hermanas (sisters) in our district.  There are actually 2 sets of missionaries in San Carlos.  So every Tuesday we take a bus to San Carlos, that is about 1 hour and 10 mins away.  We have our district mtg and then email from the ward building which seems huge to me.  Our ward building at home is actually 2 times larger, but this building seems huge in comparison.   My perspective of things has changed just a bit after being in Costa Rica for 4 months now.
        So anyways there is always mud here, everywhere!--haha!  Lots and lots of rain---but hey it makes everything very green and lush.  I played soccer with some members on p-day and got pretty muddy!  It was a blast!

We are planning some baptisms in January.  The mission is awesome and I feel my first area was such a learning experience for me. I still have my challenges, but I am slowly improving and learning.  I am grateful for all of that.  I am healthy and doing well with almost everything I can think of.  I still struggle a bit with the bus rides . . . . Oh man . . . quite the rides they are . . . 
       I hope you all had a chance to read form Luke 2 for Christmas time.  If not, read it now.  It is never too late.  One thing I learned from Luke is that of the story of the wise man.  The bible tells us that it took 2 years for them to find Jesus Christ.  They kept searching and enduring until they found him.  They had a goal and they never took their eyes off that goal.  From this, we can learn a thousand things, but I think that it teaches us to--NEVER GIVE UP!  Don't give up on goals and with faith in Jesus Christ, we can do anything.  One of my favorite scriptures before my  mission and even more so now is Luke 1:37.
     I got to go the Costa Rica Temple and it was amazing even if it was all in Spanish.  The spirit was sooo strong!  I love you all"

El es la Dadiva (He is the Gift)
Los Estados Unidos
(United in one thing)
Love you all! 
Elder Caleb Adams :o)
So my lil bro Jeb and I share back to back birthdays--mine on Jan 16th and his on Jan 17th. So in my scripture study, I made a cool connection that we share with JSH 1:16-17.  We share pretty cool birthdays!  Look it up! 

Playing soccer!  So much fun!

  My district (San Carlos)

  Pineapple fields

My living quarters at the church.