Sunday, March 1, 2015

WOW---Pital will be a branch!

This is a picture that I drew and sent how to my family.  It is of my comp and I walking, in the rain of course.  We walk by a banana tree, pineapple field and the iguanas in the trees.  Typical day in Costa Rica.  :o)

So I have some news. We have been trying to work hard here and one thing I have been trying to work one is the communication with the leaders, because Pital has had a group for 9 years now and I have seen how missionaries have passed thorough and worked super super hard-- harder than me. But what Pital needs is leadership and order. With order and the right leaders, this group can become more than a group. Anyways the stake called us on Tuesday, and told us that they have decided to send a paper to start to make a BRANCH HERE IN PITAL!  It has been a good experience for me. I have had to call the stake president and ask for callings to be made and leadership to be put here.  Well,the funny thing is, is the Lord is doing a lot of that already. He is definitely helping Pital. This week we kicked this up a notch and focused a lot in the lost sheep and less actives. We called the secretary and had a list of every member sent to us and did a lot of highlighting and organizing and we found and visited a lot of less actives. 

The goal is to have 10 less actives or recent converts in the week and we were able to get 18 and 11 lessons with member and 11 with other investigators. 15 new investigators, we were able to have a good week with 40 lessons.  But numbers are not important, I wish that you could all see the names behind the numbers it means a lot more.  We keep super busy with teaching 40 lessons weekly.

I now understand a little bit better why God's house is a house of order. With order we can get things done so much more effectively. haha a lot of people have said to me why are you being so gringo because when they say they want to have an activity I always ask who's coming-- when and what are we doing? Anyways, life here is good and I hope that in 2 to 3 months Pital will have a different building and a branch. But we will see what happens because it is up to the members here as well if they want it  to work. 

Much Love--
Elder Caleb Adams  :)
Pital is full of lots of small streams and rivers that we cross every day, SEVERAL TIMES to get to where we need to go.  They are absolutely beautiful!
 Fruit tree by our home.  Notice the cat walking!  This has been our friend that climbs in our window at night and sleeps there and then meows for food in the am.  Made me think of you Tayloranne  :o)

Iguana going for a swim!

Just an example of the beautiful countryside in Pital