Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Picture of Entire San Jose Costa Rica Mission with Elder Maynes and Elder Duncan of the Seventy

This is one great "Army of Helaman"!

I loved general Conference, it was amazing!!!!! We had to leave the area Saturday in the morning to go to Ciudad QueSada. About an hour and a half away, to watch conference and then we slept there on the floor of the elders house in that area, until Sunday. Then Sunday Morning we woke up early and we had an amazing Baptism! Wow !!!!!They were really prepared to be baptized and it was so great to be able to be a part of the whole experience. It was a mom and her daughter. Then we all went together and watched the General Conference. Man, it was a really good example to me. The mom and her daughter hadn't ever been to the Chapel. The only thing they had gotten to know was the house church we have here in Pital. But for their baptism they were able to get to know the Chapel in Ciudad Quesada and then see all the hundreds of people watching general conference. It was great to see their eyes light up, but even greater to know that they didn't need to see all those nice things to be converted to the gospel.

The conference was really great, I loved every part. I did really enjoy the priesthood session as well. I gotta say. We are a pretty blessed people to be able to listen to the apostles and prophets in their native tongue. and be able to hear their tone of voice and everything. The general Conference was amazing and one thing I really liked is I heard a quote from Elder Nielsons talk. he said that sometimes finding new things and progressing isn't always just a matter of looking in new places. Sometimes We need to look with new eyes. I thought that was really good because sometimes we feel that maybe some houses don't have potential because we have already contacted them but if we look at them as possible references or other things maybe that don't count as numbers service, etc. We will soon be able to see more success.

Well I hope Easter was great and I hope your week goes well! Love Thanks mom for the inspiring words. and for the great pictures! haha I am sure that they were all really great! I love you mom and thanks very much for all you do. My new comps name is Elder Zepeda, he is from Honduras. He is a really nice Elder and I love training!!!!!. We get to go to the Temple this month so that is exciting! love Ya Estoy orando para ti siempre.

Thanks for everything!


Elder Caleb Adams