Saturday, April 4, 2015

The work continues . . . .

Thanks so much for the letter! Have fun watching General Conference this week!  When they announce the mission in Costa Rica, you can give a little shout out for the mission! haha Seriously, I hope that you will ALL take advantage of General Conference! It is one of the greatest times of the year!!!!!!! Happy Easter to all of you!
These pics are of me and my comp Elder Amores at the church house in San Ramon.

 This is us harvesting Cacao. Its coco beans, they are really good, this week we ,made real chocolate from the seeds and it taste pretty good.
  The tree has flowers that turn into pods and then the pods have seeds in them that you remove and crush down to cocoa.

This is the cacao plant  when it is young. The stock in the middle grows to be the tree.

Ratio of colones to US dollar is about 500 colones equals one US dollar.

This is my "mini missionary"--Elder Amores.  He is from Costa Rica.

Here I am reconnecting with Elder Bullecer from the MTC.  He was in my district at the MTC.  So sweet to see him again.
This is the church house in San Ramon, which is a good size for one here.

The murals on the inside and the architecture are gorgeous!

 We also went to San Ramon.  I don’t know if I told you or not, but President split some zones in preparation for the new mission and now there are 14 and we are part of San Ramon zone.  Anyway, we went there and those are pics of the chapel there and at one of the bus stops in Zacerro, We found that park with the cool arch ways of bushes.  :o)

 Garden in park with Ava Maria.

Anyways, things here are good, Tomorrow we have to take a trip to San Jose again. My mini missionary is going to finish his mini mission and I am going to begin training the new missionary here in Pital. We have 2 baptisms planned for this Sunday, right before General Conference so we are all pretty excited for that and I am especially excited to be able to here from the prophet and the apostles. One experience I had this week: We start the day off with great plans and things were going in order. I was sure that if things went right and followed the plan we would find a lot of success. Well, we made some calls to confirm things, and it went well there too, but then as we were eating lunch, we got some phone calls and the plans completely changed.  This kind of messed everything up. We have to walk everyday, so we have to take in account the time it takes to walk to appointments, so I was pretty bummed when I found out things were not going as planned, but anyways long story short, we went about doing the work and following the spirit and we ended up finding 11 new investigators that day! I was reminded in this experience, that sometimes no matter how good we think our plans are,  our thoughts are not the Lord’s thoughts. Sometimes He has a better plan for us. We just have to have faith in his plan and timing even if things change and we can’t control it.

Anyways I love you all and thanks for the great support! The work progresses here in Pital! 

Elder Caleb Adams