Friday, June 26, 2015

San Antonio Area==22 Junio 2015

Things here are good the church is in San Antonio. My area is very small--just the towns  Linda Vista and Rio Azul is in my area. The church is right next to la escuela republica de panama.

Things here are good. Its a little bit more stressful having to be in charge of 19 other missionaries. But el poder del ayuno helps a lot.  I have been fasting and praying a lot and carrying around a book and whenever I think of something that can help me or the Zone I write it down. I have already seen some miracles from that and I hope that things keep getting better.   But we have seen a lot of miracles from fasting. Finding some chosen people that are going to be baptized in August. Putting baptismal dates in Door ways and things like that.I have been reading a lot about the stories in Alma 17-25 they are always great.
It is interesting to have a little bit of a different perspective of the mission now. To be able to talk with president more often now and see the results and importance of the zone and of the mission.
 This week is going to be busy! Monday (today) we have lunch with President. Tomorrow a mission conference. Wednesday a Zone Conference. Thursday I get my Residence to live here in Costa Rica finally. haha and Friday divisions with the assitants...

Well I love you all and will try to get some pics sent here in a little bit! thanks for everything!

Con Amor Su Querido Amigo Elder Adams