Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 10, 2015

Hey Family of Mine!

My Feet are well. I went in again and they said they looked good haha they had to trim one up a bit again, but yeah I think they are good.   I went running again this morning for the first time in a bit so that's good.
 I am grateful for those 11 people that were baptized and entered into the waters.

We had a really busy week this week! On Wednesday, we had a meeting with President Duncan and it went really great! It was about 8 hours long and we ate lunch with him as well. He taught many, many things. One thing I like is that instead of calling it the Area Book he changed the name to the Faith Book. Carpeta de fe. He also  asked us as well what the spirit had taught us from what he had said and what we would do to change.
Thursday--Elder Núñez´s year mark was cool. We had a Baptism and the meeting with the Stake Presidency about the Missionary work with the missionaries in our Zone. We had the Baptism of Kevin! It was Awesome!!!!! We have been working a lot with the Converts. and the man we baptized in July (Jose Angél) baptized Kevin and did great! Then we had the meeting with the Stake.
Friday was awesome we went and slept at the house of the Secretaries on Thursday night and on Friday woke up super early and drove to Heredia where we had a meeting in that Chapel with President Duncan and he taught us a lot of good things of how to be a leader.
Anyways all around really good week!

Love you all!
Elder Adams

Baptism of Kevin (in the middle).  Jose Angel, a newer convert himself baptized him.
Beautiful Sunrise in San Jose!
Selfies at the Temple!  :o)  Say cheese!  Love, Love Love this mission!  :o)