Thursday, August 20, 2015

365 days as a missionary!!! :o)

This week went well! We had a few crazy experiences----;o)  ha ha ha----We also had some major awesome experiences too! We found and prayed with a family of about 20 to 25 people. We also found a family of 6 and put some baptism dates with them. and we are going to baptize 3 this Thursday the 20th. and then we are going to have another activity on the 22nd and show a movie. The testaments! on the 22 as well in the morning we have a special broadcast for the missions here in Central America from Pres. Nelson of the 12.

Let me share something about agency. Agency is the one thing that all missionaries and sons and daughters of god have to learn as it teaches in 1 Cor chapter 13. I like verse 3. The Lord owns EVERYTHING even the body that you have, except.....except for your agency. That is the only thing we have to offer him. And when we put our agency in the hands of man. The Natural Man can be achieved. But when we put our agency in the hands of our god. The Potential of a God can be achieved. If we learn that principle then, we will be alright.

Love you all have a great week!

Elder Adams!

Behind our House there are tennis Courts, and well they let me use a special racquet -------haha and take some pictures.  Makes for a great story!

Check out what this little boys shirt says!!!  Gotta love it when you find my name in this beautiful place  :o)

Well here is the only kind of kiss I will get from a lady  :o)

The  zone!!!!  Here we are at the temple in San Jose.
These are some of the finest. hard working  people I know.  On the front row, from left to right  is Lizzie (Pres daughter), Sister Laura Hayes, President Randy Hayes, and President Duncan.