Sunday, August 2, 2015

"Meet the Mormons" success activity

The Zone of La Paz

Hey so we had a good week this week. We had a Stake conference meeting on Sunday and they officially divided the Stakes! they made 3 new stakes in Costa Rica and that is incredible. We heard from Mission President and his wife and President Duncan and The President of the Temple.
We have some really great converts here. They are helping us all out in the work. Just as talked about in the scriptures that that is the way that Ammon and his brothers started to have success. The Baptism weren't just baptisms but they are a way to help us to be able to baptize more. more tools in the hands of the Lord.

Some of our teaching this week was during giving the service of haircuts.  Here we are, Elder Nunez and myself giving haircuts to some investigators  :o)

Ready, Set, Cut!!!  Me with my new little buddy!

Thank You! ¡Gracias!
Our "Meet the Mormons" activity was a success!

We had an incredible activity in the ward with the movie that you sent to us. We had over 50 show up and we found 9 news from showing Meet the Mormons in our ward.

I made Flyers and we put them in Buses
and made cards and we had more than 50 people there and it was great! we
found 9 new investigators for that Activity and we ate Pizza afterward! I think
hat I was able to plan the activity because of my work and experience in the
Family history Program before.

We had a table with pamphlets and books and a paper to
put references down. It was awesome! then We gifted a tie to the bishop and the ward
mission Leader that we had bought for them.

Photos of our great "video" event/ activity:

Thanks very much for always supporting me! Love ya a ton!
I love you all!

Elder Caleb M. Adams