Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy are we! Happy are we!

 Costa Rica is a great Country!  What a great place with soo many great people who are humble and teachable!

 We have been doing divisions. I have been going with a young kid that is preparing for their mission and with Kevin--- The kid who had a dream. We cut his hair last week. HE is awesome. We have really seen the hand of the Lord in the work! The Lord is preparing this area to be a branch. 
We had a meeting with the ward counsel and we told them all about how we would like to make a stake from the ward that we have, and they like the idea.  I really believe that we are going to be able to make a stake from the ward we are in. We made the plans and there are 5 areas that can become 5 wards. Whoot!  Whoot!!! Anywho.... 
I hope, I really hope that the Elders and Sisters can understand the responsibility that they have as Home Teachers or Visiting Teachers. Man, I spoke with the Stake and the Ward Counsel on Sunday, and was asked to share a thought.  I explained, that  A Ward without home teachers/visiting teachers is like a human being without Legs--- We can expect it to stay alive, but we can't expect it to move Forward.We as members have to be the legs that move the work forward.  We are the legs! I also shard the scriptures-- D&C  84:106-108 and some others too.

I am most thankful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for me, as well as so many other things. 

We must all work to better understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  To often, we brush off the "Why we are here in this earth" . Sometimes we really just brush over our Purpose in Life and we just say it is to gain experience,  but we should be able to say more than that.  Our purpose is eternal and our relationship with our brother Jesus Christ depends on that.
 Woah I almost forgot. We had an awesome experience lending Service to a couple. Man it was awesome! We had the opportunity to help a family that was struggling. We had a really Spiritual lesson with them in the Chapel and asked them if they had Faith. We explained some things about the purpose of faith and having it is like walking in the dark for a little while. They cried a little and then we gave them blessings of comfort and boom!---- Everything worked out!  We worked one night helping them move. It was so amazing how we were able to help them both spiritually and temporally. 
Have a great week!  I love you all!

-Su Amigo Elder Adams

 This is the picture we took of our one year pkg surprise that arrived filled with lots of love form home!