Saturday, September 12, 2015

Onward, ever onward!!!

Well---I had a wonderful week and the work moves onward, ever onward!--

Zone Activity! We hiked up to the La Pierda de AserrĂ­. It was good Activity! The View was great! We left at like 5 am in the Morning. It was very beautiful!

Thanks for all the Support! They got the Cards and we all loved them! The sisters said "Awe I love Jeb". They were just perfect and just what we needed. There was just the right amount so THANKS~~~

On Saturday We had a Marriage and it went great. and then afterward. 3 Baptisms, Rosario (mom) Luis(Dad) and Mamfred. they are so great.

Marriage of Luis and Rosario

                                           Luis and Rosario's supportive family

This is the wedding cake--cause a wedding would not be complete without cake right :o)
After the wedding and the cake, we had a race. Here I am, racing with some of the Younger kids and of course they beat me :)

Then we had the baptism the next day---

Baptism of Luis and Rosario and Mamfried---

We had sooooo many meetings this week! incredible! I have never had so many Leadership meetings. I Learned alot about how to be a better leader.
On Thursday we had the Zone Conference and then Afterward we had a meeting with the Stake President and the Stake.
On Friday We had the Meeting with President. The Leadership meeting.

On Sunday we had a meeting with the Stake again, We met with all of the Ward Mission Leaders in the Stake and explained the needs of our Missionaries to them. in each ward. and some other things and before that we were taught for like two hours and learned a lot from a high counselor member.

So Life went really great. I have Learned a lot about Leadership in these days but I still have a ton to learn. 

Thanks for all you do! This week we received quite a few new people in the Zone. We officially have 4 people in the Zone from Idaho now haha. Hermana Kugath from Rexburg. Hermana Olsen from Pocatello. Hermana Turner from Twin Falls. and then there's me haha!

Love You all!

Elder Caleb M Adams

On Wednesday we said goodbye to a great family.

This great Family Left to go live in Nicaragua :(.

Haircuts--gotta make them look proper!

Here are the other pictures we took on our Zone P-day hike adventure. It was absolutely beautiful and so much fun!
Here we go a  hiking  . . . . . .

Climb Every Mountain . . . .!~

                                              Here is our BEAUTIFUL view from the top!

                                Hurrah for the Hermanas!  They made it!!!!
                                                  Breath taking  . . . . . . . .  

                                                                    Here I am !

                                   "And--pause for dramatic effect" . . . .

Just thought I would do some Yoga to pass the time  he he he!!!

Everyone say cheese!!!~~~~~Zone Group photo  :o)


                                              Just hanging with my comp! :o)

Love you all--
Elder Caleb M Adams