Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What a way to end August!

This week went really well! Well this week was changes week. The Assistants called us and informed us of changes and how now they are going to be a little different. Changes will be on Wednesday, and then they will find out where they are going. Anyways, they have 2 days to pack so that's cool. But we had to make quite a few calls with all of the changes.  I get to stay with Elder Nunez for a bit longer and I am soo excited about it.  He is such a great missionary and really knows how to work. Also, there will be a new area in the Zone with sisters! We had to go search for a  house for them one day,  so that was cool.

Well, let me tell you what the Lord is preparing this Land.  Many, many  great things to come and in preparation for the Second coming. We are going to have a marriage this week on Saturday at 3:00 pm. and then 3 Baptisms thereafter. So awesome Miracle!--- We were taking a bus to our area, and then the people behind us tapped our shoulders and said,
 "Hi, you preach the Gospel Right? I have seen you a lot and would like to have you come to my house." 
So we said "Well Hey you bet!" and so we planned a time and got their number, then we set out on our way. We went back at that set time and talked with them got to know them and started teaching. I was teaching about Baptisms, and then the husband said:
" Do you Baptize?"
We answered "YES!" 
Then he said,  "Can I be Baptized?"
 And we about jumped for joy! haha !!! So we set a date right then and there! The date set is September 20th! So they have to get married as well. Anyways, so later that night we took them with us to the Church with some other investigators,  and I am very grateful for the Family History Calling I had!!! It has helped me in soo many ways.  I was able to help them all make LDS accounts and find some family members. Anyway, then those 5 investigators were all very excited and all three are set to be baptized soon.

The Zone is growing. We still always need the prayers and we always feel them too!. I am very grateful for the mission, but more grateful for the Savior and what he has done for me.
Please! Work with the Missionaries! Invite them over for a Family Home Evening. And if you don't have them, then Pray and find a way to help in La Obra Misional! You find so much Joy doing it!  I promise you! 

There are sooooo many other incredible miracles that happened this week! but I don't have the time to write them just know that the Lords hand is here working in Costa Rica

Love you all! Work Hard to Defend and Develop your Testimonies of the Atonement ALWAYS!!!

Love Ya all!!!

Elder Caleb Adams

The Wall of the Zone that we made. It's kind of cool

Look at the Name of this Church! I almost walked in and said--- I am Here! haha jk ;)

PS I got one of the Shoes, and I called the office and they said I have 2 Packages waiting for me.
                                  Thanks for the Jerky--- My comp absolutely Loves It!