Monday, September 28, 2015

We are all missionaries!

Things here are good. It rained here a lot this week. I went through two umbrellas..... haha .  I ran through a talk called the "Challenging and Testifying Missionary", that I have read about 5 to 6 times but I read it again and was impressed by some things. One thing that stood out to me is that it says that the Challenging and Testifying Missionary when he wakes up in the morning prays to the Lord to find a new family everyday in the morning. So that's what I did this week and it works! Usually in this area, we find about 13 to 15 new investigators every week. We have never found more than 20. This week we found 29.

I did Divisions with Elder Maldonado and we found a nice lady and taught her and then said the prayer and left. As we were walking down the driveway, I said "Wait a minute we forgot to invite her to be baptized!!!!" So we turned around right there and went and knocked on the door again. We talked to her and put on the Baptismal Date! Boom!

The Challenging and Testifying Missionary challenges every person he meets. Now, I ask what would the Challenging and Testifying MEMBER do? Members are the KEY to good Missionary work. They are the legs to the body. As the scriptures say thrust in your Sickle.... well, yes its true that one can harvest with a Sickle-- it's possible. But, what has Man done with the Sickle? Man has transformed it into beautiful machinery to help get the work get done better. And look and what the Lord has done.---We have a ton of missionaries today, but we have more members too. I guess my challenge would be to you all is that you can wake up every morning and be a member who understands the importance of the Plan of Salvation and invites the people that don't know the Gospel to GET to know the Gospel. That's the way that The Scripture Heros were able to find so much success.
Alma 23:4 D and C 83:106, 107-108

As Pres Monson said when the Age was Changed for Missionaries. Now is the Time for Members and Missionaries to come together and Labor in the Lord's Vineyard.
Do we know the goals of our Ward? How are we helping the Ward to Achieve those Goals? Do we say that the goal of Baptisms is the Missionaries Goal or the Wards Goal? If we say the Wards goal then we have a part in helping those Baptisms as well.

I love you all and am grateful for all of the Support!
Con Amor-

Elder Adams