Sunday, October 18, 2015

CHANGES----"I'll go where you want me to go"

Well I had Changes! I will no longer be in the La Loma! I don't know where I am going, and will find out on Wed, 10-14-15, haha but I had changes.

Hey This week was good! I did divisions with San Miguel 1 and was able to work with Elder Meija in my area. It was great we learned a lot of things. I also got a call from an investigator that needed a blessing because he had several seizures and was in the hospital. and had some heart attacks. Well Anyways, That day we also had some Baptismal interviews to do. So I went with a Priest with permission of President who is serving a mini mission and we went to San Jose. It was pretty crazy. We got there but didn't have the special card to enter. so I had to ask permission from president and my Comp mini missionary went in to the hospital past the guards to get a paper signed while I waited outside. Anyways, I felt like I was in the 80s, so many sick people bustling around. When we got to the room I gave the man a blessing but its not like in the States. The room aren't private. There are about 8-10 people in the room. so everybody got quite and I gave the blessing. It went well he was lying in the hospital bed. and couldn't walk very well. Well the next day in the Stake Conference guess who showed up walking to church with his wife, that same investigator. It was a great experience.  I know the power of blessings is very  real.

Well as a Zone we have 12 in the month and the goal is 13 so this month we are positive that we will reach the goal.

We had a Baptism on Saturday. His name is Jamal. He is a really great kid!

Well as a Zone we finished with 10 baptisms last month. But this week in the Zone we had 11 baptisms. and have 12 in the month so I know that finally the Zone will reach the goal of 13 that we put. But I wont be able to see it But I am happy for them all.

Well Thanks for all the Support!  I give thanks to God for the things I have learned in my great area with a great Companion.

Love ya all Elder Adams

Downtown San Jose