Monday, October 26, 2015

TRES RIOS!!! 19 Oct 2015 HERE AM I!!

Well, I had changes to a new area! and a new assignment! I am now in Tres Rios Cartago and My companion is Elder Macias from Mexico.

Things are good! I went to the office on Wednesday, not knowing where I would go, and found out that President Hayes would like me to be his new Assistant. So that was a surprise! I have a lot to learn. From that moment on, my Life just got busier! We had to go drop the missionaries off at the airport the next day at like 4 am and then we had to go to a few Zone Conf. We have a mission tour coming up in two weeks. I will be going to the Zona Sur Area by Panama with President on Friday and Saturday and teaching the Zone Down there. I hear its very hot there.
Today I get permission to return back to my old area for a short time to see the Baptism of Marvin (the fellow with the tracheotomy) and then on Thursday we have 2 more Baptisms.
Getting to know the area is always kind of different. But, it's good too. I really like the area. It literally has everything in it--- Walmart, Price Smart, and many other things!

Anywho-- things are great! We worked hard and had 11 new investigators at church on Sunday. President Hayes is really great and I am excited to work with him and by his side. He said he wants to give many the opportunity to serve and have leadership responsibilities. Tomorrow I have to go and get my Costa Rican Drivers License.---sweet! :o)

PS-- I love my new Companion. I have a lot of great things to learn from him. I love the new area. It looks like its got some great Potential. I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve by President Hayes side. I pray that I will be able to help you to reach what you see in the mission and receive revelation to help in the work of the Lord.

Love ya all! Elder Adams

Myself, Elder Nunez and two great sisters form my zone.

Lots and lots of things to buy!They are getting ready for Christmas here with trains, snowmen, Santa Claus and everything  :o)

The hardest part about changes is the people you leave behind---This is just a sample of the wonderful people I have met and associated with while here in the San Antiono, La Loma Area.

                          My fruit is happy to see me!
Waiting for the bus in the rain  :o)